World Cup 2018


Why did you want Japan to lose? Or was that just a way of saying you wanted Belgium to win?





I guess Japan left their locker room completely spotless. They seemed like a nice team. Just seems like a racist old country. Tough for me to root for that.


I get that Japan is a racist country, but I don’t hold it against them. They are a product of 2000 years of racist history. They are less racist today than ever before. Things don’t change overnight. As they change (and change they will as they will have no choice), they are polite, respectful, diligent, creative and clean. I love Japan.


If I live to be 200, maybe I’ll root for them if anyone is left there.


Colombia just lost. The nation is sad. Now all my hopes lie with Brasil. I hope they destroy the English.


My picks.


I’m sorry about Colombia. The bracket looks a little topheavy. Croatia should be favored at the bottom. I’ll go France, Belgium, Croatia, England. Belgium over Croatia for my final.


Brasil Belgium should be the final. Brasil has not had an easy draw. They never seem to. Except for Mexico, lol.


Mexico beat Germany for whatever that was worth. I really hope England reaches the final but I hate them so I only want that so they can be particularly heartbroken at the end. lol.


England. The mapleleafs of soccer. England doesn’t bother me. They certainly have passionate fans for what is basically a pathetic history.


This is still making news two days later. They evern wrote a thank you note. Very classy.


The Japanese fans even helped to clean up the stands.


Suspicious. I’d have left the place completely sweat and trashed, just to show to the world what multi-cultural Germany does look and smell like :wink: You know, just like a dog would leave a mark of his own. Marking territory, you know? Oh boy, I just love marking territory.

From my gathering the first president of Brazil had been a freemason.
Now after hearing this information, you may revert to ball game score counting.


A white German leaving the place sweaty and trashed would not reflect on multi-cultural Germany, it would reflect on Aryan Germany.

Heroic Israel Defends Itself by Opening Fire on Unarmed Palestinian Women

Yes, I will pay attention to Futbol for 10 more days. Then I’ll take a break for 4 more years.




Bloody hell, the French beat Uruguay. Only Brasil left for Sudamérica.