World Cup 2018

Germany just lost to Mexico!! Mein Gott. Or, um, Dios Mio.

Yes. Too bad. Europe is doing well, otherwise. As usual, Brazil has a tough group and Argentina’s is a joke. I guess I’ll root for France.

I am hoping for Colombia of course, but I don’t think that’s realistic. I’d love to see it stay in Sudamerica, though. Argentina or Brasil. I would be happy if France won, too.

I’ll root for Belgium too. As diverse as France.

Colombia just elected a conservative asshole. Better get that weed, soon.

We’re in Toronto a couple of weeks before it becomes legal here. I’m not sure if I care. It’s just not a priority for me.

Red card for Colombia 3 minutes in.

Yep, France has just about the same amount of diversity as Nigeria. Everybody a different shade of black. Great diversity. Or are you talking about “shirt diversity” like in “just4fun”?

Is it time for the lemmings to compare the latest ball-game scores yet again as Pierce would have said? Jeez. Another 4 years have passed.

Thank god I am red-pilled

Colombia lost in Japan. Terrible start. They played really badly too. I watched in a downtown Toronto bar named Football Factory with a hundred or so suicidal Colombians.

Argentina just got wiped out by Croatia. This cup is already sucking.

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Srbe na vrbe. Popushi curaz. Jebi mater.
Just kidding. I know some croat slurs from work. Hahahaha
Croatia is a great nation.
…and it banned gay marriage by law. What makes this little but strong nation even greater.

I love it. Argentina. Probably my least favorite country in it. Or maybe 3rd least favorite. Probably Russia and Serbia. I only root against Argentina soccer. Nothing against the country, otherwise. Probably root for them over Mexico. Messi. Zero shots taken.

Germany comes back. A man down for the last 16 minutes.

Yeah, however not until that Merkel has gone.

Wow. England won 2 games in a row. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

Wow. Lot of colombians in Russia. Easy team to root for.

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