World Cup 2018


And now Brasil lost which means I no longer care about this cup other than hoping England loses.


24 matches now without a loss for Belgium.


I think the 4 best teams are at the top of that bracket. Croatia might be better than Uruguay, perhaps. I guess Spain would have been at the bottom to balance it. If I bet money in the final 8, Croatia would be a good bet at their odds. Odds are way too high for england. They just seem okay to me. Belgium doesn’t seem to flop. Hope they have 2 more in them.


Belgium is looking strong. I would love to see a France-England final, though, as long as England loses. lol.


Lol. Sweden is the most likable in the bottom, but probably the worst team.


I did not get a chance to actually see the France vs. Belgium game or view any highlights. This is all the information I got.

France won by a single goal and it was the only goal scored. From this “braille” it looks like Belgium played hard to keep possession of the ball at any cost with 16 fouls to France’s 6. Both teams had yellow cards 2 for France and 3 for Belgium but no team had to play short because no red card(s) was issued meaning 5 different people got yellow cards in total. Belgium’s strength was in passing both in number and accuracy. France appeared to have a strategy of taking a shot at any opportunity, and they had much less opportunity. This was the plan I assume by avoiding exhaustion of pssession and power kick attempts. Off sides and corners were almost a match for both teams but Belgium had almost 3 times the number of fouls. With only 3 yellow cards, maybe it was trained for. Utilizing small fouls and no layer getting two yellows and thus a red forcing the team to play short.
France = conserve energy, steal ball, attempt goal at immediate opportunity, don’t risk fouls.
Belgium = focus on possession and passing to cause confusion, utilize fouls to wear down other team and intimidate and provoke.

Let me know how it was if you actually saw it.


That’s pretty much how it went, Mark. Good analysis.


Belgium seemed unhesitant to foul with 16. Was this more biased for defense or offense i.e. sudden rush near either goal when the ball was near using the foul to prevent a possible shot or create an opening in defense. How did France use their 6? Or was this all just unintentional? No mention of the yellow cards accumulated.


France-Croatia. I like both teams. Maybe a small preference for France but not much. It would be cool to see the tiny nation of Croatia (4 million people) win, too.


I did pretty good on my picks. I don’t care about Croatia but they did beat Russia, so it would be nice if they won. Belgium was my favorite, but I like France as well. I haven’t seen much soccer lately. I don’t know who has time to sit down at 2pm on a Wednesday and watch for 2 hours.


I do but I don’t care about soccer.



Oh that video is rigged somewhat. He has Croatia written down the whole time.


Well, that’s that for another four years. I am happy France won. Croatia did their nation proud. A good cup, even though Sudamerica didn’t play a significant part in it.


I’m glad france won. Would have been a shame if that guy won 3000 dollars. I didn’t watch the game. I guess Croatia played better, but sometimes that’s the way it goes.


I watched it in a small restaurant here in Colombia. It was half empty. The few people still interested were for Croatia because Croatia beat England. lol. I was the only one for France but nobody cared. Nobody was really into it.