World Cup 2018


No thx. You’ve come off as rude lately. I’m all set.


Rude? You come off as arrogant but I still want your heart because you are important to me.


Colombia just beat Senegal. Everyone here is going crazy. The streets are full and people are screaming. All the cars are honking their horns. And this is just to get out of the group stages.


And England just lost to Belgium! Life is good today.


Belgium has the player with the World Cup 2018 highlight.

I wonder what that felt like. The way I remember soccer, and my feeling around a soccer ball, I would imagine like this.


France beat Argentina. Messi loses again. He will never be Maradona.

Portugal next. I hope Cristiano Ronaldo loses, too.


I got my way today. France and Uruguay. I like both teams. Now for England-Colombia on Tuesday.



I don’t want to jinx it but it is feeling like South America’s turn this cup.


I’m glad Argentina is out. I think I dislike Ronaldo a little less than Suarez, so I would have rooted for Portugal, but didn’t care nearly as much about that game. Still a lot of good teams left. Nobody spectacular perhaps. Will have to see about Belgium. They seem the best on paper now, but given their history they should do nothing.

Russia fined by FIFA after fans display neo-Nazi banner at World Cup

Easy team to root against.


Mexico has also been fined for their homophobic slur directed at goalies. I support both finings.


I’m not sure about the fine against Russia. The banner said 88, which is nazi code for “Heil Hitler”. That said, the number 88 is also used for other things, including some soccer players. Is it really fair to fine people because their fans displayed a simple number?


Russia just beat Spain. This has been an amazing cup.


You should know Reggie, you own a piano. The 88 in black and white most likely refers to the keys on a piano. It could cause an auditory hallucination of some piece sounding like impending doom or a stroll in the moonlight. If you have played sports or run on a field you know it is like being deaf.
Maybe it is a year reference as to later than 1972, where it is very rare or possibly illegal to have a piano with keys of actual ebony and ivory. Sensitive issue issue to tickle.


Brasil is looking strong. They just destroyed Mexico who in turn beat Germany. I’m obviously hoping for Colombia but if they can’t do it, I really hope another South American team will win this year. I would settle for Uruguay or Brasil.


Yeah, right. And this guy Galagher on the photo above with the “18” probably is a nutsi, too. Most possibly a member of notorious NS group Combat 18.

Have you both become brainless communist commisars and speech police now?

Fun fact aside:
There is a White Power song about exactly this topic satirically demanding the outlawing of the numbers 14, 88, 33, 18 and of course the notorious evil right-wing number of eight “8” in soccer games, thereby making a mockery of lefty PC speech policing.


Is it okay to wear a shirt with the number 28? (Blood n Honour)?
18 could be Mara Salvatrucha, as well. Or Mara 18.
So Galagher is either Mara 18 or Combat 18. Very suspicious if you asked me.
But as far as I heard they (Mara) are acceptable to democrats, because they are a “minoritie”'s gang. So, it’d be just fine for SJWs.

End times…


Wow! Brilliant. I haven’t seen much but according to the stats, Brasil dominated Mexico. Nice to see Japan and Mexico lose. And Belgium win ;).


First time a team in knockout round has come back from 2 goals down in regulation since 1982. I wonder if that team did it in 25 minutes.