lololololol sorry


I’ll go check my PayPal account. Honestly, it’s yesterday’s method of payment but if you aren’t willing to step into the 21st century…I’ll go check it.



Yes I’ve read that!


You have a bet!


Excellent! Let’s see if we’re clear. $20 USD on Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed as the next supreme court justice by, let’s say the end of October. I say he will not be confirmed. You say he will. Payment to be made via PayPal to the email address specified by the winner. Agreed?




The same article but the headline reads a little differently.



The ultimate “payback” Hahaha!


Nobody cares at all about Kavanagh’s drinking. People care that he lied about it constantly under oath.


Lying and crying. Kavanaugh is a spoiled little rich boy who thinks he is entitled to be on the Supreme Court. The reason trump wants him so badly is because he would expand presidential powers.


This is exactly right, along with the fact that Kavanaugh has already stated that he doesn’t believe a sitting president should be investigated or charged regardless of what he did. Trump knows he’s going to need allies on the court when the Mueller investigation is finished.


And you have proof he lied under oath?


I think you’re both letting your minds get the best of you but you may be right about Trump needing allies because if Democrats can do this to Kavanaugh, I can only imagine what they are going to attempt to do to Trump.


In vein, of course!


Or is it vain? lol


Either way, I think it’s a little premature to call him a liar since I know how much you pride yourselves on facts and proof.