That’s clearly a misprint. It should read "RIGHT NOW: President Trump is speaking lies . .


And the Left speaks hypocrisy!


Absolutely, yes. He stated several times he didn’t drink heavily or regularly and now 4 different friends have come out to say he lied under oath.

Let’s hope it’s ugly!

It’s not early at all. We have four witnesses to his drinking, and we have his testimony under oath to the contrary. He is obviously a liar.

You are seriously comparing that photo to Kavanaugh locking a girl in a room, throwing her on the bed, covering her mouth so she couldn’t scream, and laughing with his friends at her terror?


As far as I’m concerned, the amount he believes he drank is the same as the amount they are saying he drank. He needs to have someone testify to him blacking out, imho. And they all need to take polygraphs.

Did Kavanaugh do that?


I’ve never known you to not use facts and proof and truth until this case.


So all I can think is what difference, at this point, does it make if he did or didn’t do something to her. You have already determined in your heart that he is guilty because you want that seat. That’s it. It has nothing to do with her or anything she may have suffered. The Left is using her and it is making me :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


That is exactly what he is accused of doing.

Ms Ford, now 51, has alleged that Mr Kavanaugh drunkenly forced her down onto a bed during a house party in 1982 in Maryland, and then groped her, attempted to remove her clothes, and held his hand over her mouth so that she could not scream for help. A second male, Mark Judge, was said to have been in the room at the time, and was allegedly amused by what he saw before toppling into the two and stopping the assault. All three would have been teenagers at the time, and both went to schools somewhat close to one another.


You are actually close here. I haven’t determined that he is guilty, but I honestly don’t feel it matters. This is not a criminal trial, it is a job interview, and nobody sane would hire a new employee who has five accusations of sexual assault currently open against him.

That said, I also openly admit I want a sane judge in that seat and I support any measures, fair or not, to keep this republican wing nut off the court. In this case, I feel the measures are fair, but if they weren’t, I’d take it. Your country is being destroyed by right wing lunatics and sane people need to do whatever it takes to save it.


Oh I see! That’s what makes you think you have a sure bet. You do premature a lot lot, don’t you!

Regel oder Ruin, Kommie?


Not at all. I want to avoid ruin. It would be far more correct to say “the end justifies the means”.


Really? The Left is not trying to ruin Trump?


It is this exact same underhanded behavior that won Trump the election.


I just saw Jeff Flake comments. You may win this bet after all.


John Kennedy just said, “Democrats think they’re winning. Falling feels like flying, :joy:…for a minute.”


We will find out in a few weeks.

I don’t think anybody is winning. At least not 99.9%.




I love it. In depth proof that trumps life story is a lie.


For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
Luke 8: 17

Feinstein reported to have paid FORD’S LAWYER!
Scandal unfolding for Sen. Feinstein after Kavanaugh Hearings revelations. An Anonymous staffer says her office paid Dr. Ford’s legal retainer & polygraph fee after Rep Anna Eshoo leaked letter to media.