So I felt our prosecutor did an excellent job in drawing this truth from her.


Of the 2 other women that have come forward…


Kavanaugh friend Judge has already released a statement vehemently denying all accusations.


Although I have not checked their political affiliation, I’m guessing they are Liberals.


It is obvious to Republicans what Democrats are willing to do to stop Trump.


Ok, I’m done! Night!


Tucker: Julie Swetnick discredits legitimate victims

Ford was not raped but her mousy voice quivered throughout the entire opening statement.
Swetnick was gang raped and in this interview Swetnick is recounting what should be a near impossible memory to recover and yet she is breezing right through it without a single tear or even shakey voice. No need to pause and regroup for even one moment. This is such a grotesquely political and really monstrous display of pretentious justice for women.


It’s important that men everywhere start believing women. If you express doubt, you will be branded a woman-hating Republican. I understand now why men on the Left feel the need to stand with Ford even in a classic he said, she said case. And even knowing if you were in Kavanaugh’s shoes you would do exactly what he is doing. Fighting for his life and reputation.




Not surprising but gross.


Michele, if your point is that the democrats are using every tactic possible to destroy the Trump nomination to the Supreme Court, I don’t think you’ll find anyone disagreeing with you here. Two words: Merrick Garland. Payback’s a bitch and so is your president.


Future Michigan Senator! :point_up_2:t2:Hahahaha!




Liberals are destroying an innocent man for a payback?


Tell me they are doing it for more please.


Of course they’re doing it for more than just payback. They honestly (and correctly) believe that he is not suitable for this job. The allegations against him are credible, numerous and disqualifying. That said, payback is still entirely just in this case. If I was a democratic senator, I would automatically vote no on any nominee made by the Republican party until Merrick Garland was seated on the Supreme Court.


That is not going to prevent Kavanaugh from being confirmed. But no innocent man deserves to be put through something like this. He is absolutely qualified and will be confirmed.


I continue to believe he won’t be, and I offered you a $20 bet via PayPal on that. We’ll see.


It irritates me to hear you confirm that this is very much a political kill. You want to talk paybacks? I believe the midterms are going to hurt this dead party.


Best to save that until November. My own opinion is very different. I believe the Republicans are going to be destroyed.