Let’s talk Trump. We haven’t done enough of that, yet.


I agree! Let’s review.

  1. Keeping every promise!
  2. Exposing the truth!
  3. Restoring consumer confidence!
  4. Draining The Swamp!

There is a quiet awakening taking place in America. Considering what time it is, you could easily put news and religion together because prophecy is in the news every day.

You know the scripture about mother against daughter and daughter against mother. I have always thought of that as the same persons. A mother and daughter against each other. I read it differently now and I believe it is prophecy fulfilled. Today I read it as: A mother and a daughter against her and her against her mother and daughter.

I hope more people join. I think I’ll wait to see if Daniel and Dan and Mark and Gunda come back before starting up with the Trump hate again. lol.

“Let’s talk Trump. We haven’t done enough of that, yet.”

Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.

Quoting works very differently compared to bbad.
Good to have a pro-Trump forum.
The website tells me not to criticize people, so I assume this is a mere Trump worshipping site hahaha! Love it!

Quoting works very differently compared to bbad.

Yes, quoting sucks here, but most other things are better.

Oh yeah? What about me?

Hey Will! Good to see you’re still alive. Cheers.

Yep, still kicking. Good to see BBAD again

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Anything new and exciting? I’m spending most of my time in South America these days, myself.

Anything new and exciting? I’m spending most of my time in South America these days, myself.

No wonder when he has Miss Interessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaante at his side down there…

_____________________________________________________________ reggym

This is my favourite photo of her. She’s looking great for 43 (in my admittedly prejudiced opinion).

nooo, the wild hair is way better. This is soooo beautiful.

((And I am not into skinny latinas anymore but pony-assed whites! I adapted well to the Trump-age…))

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Hubba hubba!

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A Trump worshiping site? How many knuckle-draggers can there possibly be? Trump is so many things. So many disgusting things. How can anyone swallow that tripe he pukes up daily?

Well, I agree but some people I respect see things very differently.

Hahaha! Keeping every promise? Lying daily.
Truth is the last thing Trump wants to hear.
Consumer confidence? In his brand maybe.
The swamp? It has NEVER been this swampy. I lived through Nixon and he was nothing compared to this guy.

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Sounds like Truth is the last thing Will wants to hear.
Or Will would know the Swamp was before Trump came.

I have finally figured out quoting here. You highlight whatever you want to quote and a magic little quote button appears above whatever you’ve highlighted. Works really well once you know how.

Better to keep it tone down, BigMoon, or else you soon will be ruled by evil witches and satanic commisars.
Trump is still very much better than being ruled by those evil EU COMMIEsars the people didn’t vote for like they are experiencing right now in Italy with f’ commisar Cottarelli.

And he is fighting abortion and the Soros elite. Trump receive a big “like”-heart from overseas (myself) for that alone…

…let’s never forget that “The Donald” prevented THIS to rule the land…

…and America, the land of the free and home of the brave and spiritual, saved once again.
I say, the world owes him a big one.

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