I did long ago by showing a clip of trumps hair getting blown up and showing his disgusting baldness. You said I was “disrespecting our president”.

True, but you’ve also said…

What is humorous about showing a clip of his “disgusting” baldness

He is the only president who has attempted to fight the invisible enemy.

Michele, quit pretending to be impartial. I don’t pretend to be. I hate him. I don’t care if he cures cancer, I’ll still hate him. I don’t care if he did the crimes he’s accused of. I hope he’s charged and found guilty when he’s out of office regardless of whether he’s actually guilty.

You’re just as extreme the other way. You’ve drunk the koolaid. You love him. You don’t care if he’s broken every promise, failed to build a wall, failed to replace Obamacare, failed to bring back manufacturing jobs, tanked the economy and thrown the nation into greater debt than any other president in history. You don’t care if he’s botched the response to every emergency from Puerto Rico to Coronavirus to these current BLM protests. You still love him and think of him as some kind of hero.

We both have our prejudices. I wear mine. Wear yours.

Okay. I don’t care.

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It’s funny because he is so vain.

Yes, he’s everything you aren’t and nothing you are.

We should vote to have no president.

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Amen. It is a stupid office and should be abolished. Prime Minister should be abolished in Canada, too.

I agree. Let’s cut out the middle man and answer to our true authority.

We should have departments of health, transport, agriculture, fisheries and so on that answer only to the people.

We need to support the subversion of useless eaters. Zero-growth would be a plus.

There are a lot of political cartoons. But does anyone remember this way back in 1981.? It just seems impossibly coincidental. Frump and Trump. I don’t know what the amulet represents perhaps a title deed or award or division of property and wealth, but it just seems like this was some nobody who mastered luck without there being much to master. No genius of his own, there is actually an evil genius. It is worth watching and keep in mind this is 1981. It seems things were predestined. Also the guy seems very prejudiced. Not the full episode but very good clips. I actually have the full series. I think there is something really key here about “Frump’s” power. Despite being the most powerful person in the universe, he is also quite helpless. Had to edit that last sentence in.

Hmph. Let’s talk Frump!

Trump’s family name is actually Drumpf.

Doctor Doom and Frump. It is truncated, maybe in reference to a trunked scanner.

He calls upon the power “something” MAGA. Watch and listen as he asks for the power of “something” MAGA to prevail.

Such a cute display of derring-do.

He went there to hunt large sheep. Sounds like target practice. Not hunting. What a piece of shit.