I wonder if Donald Jr will head to Alaska. This guy is something else.

Oh so now you can kill cubs and puppies. Don jr. will want one of those. Thinki will love this one.

depends how donald junior is cooked, probably tastes fine with some hot sauce

Oh he doesn’t eat what he kills. They’re just trophies.

Good strategy. Make the trouble even worse than what people can barely handle now.

Having trouble Silky?

Trump supposedly claimed he was the type of guy that didn’t need to pay for sex.

Trump made it seem to me that it is impossible to get sex without having any money.

omg I laughed out loud for real.

That was funny.

at least its not labelled “trump life matter”

I wonder if Michele is going.

There is a petition being offered to sign to strongly condemn Trump for fanning the flames of racial hatred.

I think there is more than one petition going around. But most agree on something like that.

His fire isn’t the kind of fire some people want I suppose.

At least the recent polls are encouraging. As I’ve said many times, I’m not excited about Biden but I’m excited about the Americans getting rid of Trump.

Don’t get too excited about Biden too fast…let it build slowly but surely.

You couldn’t pay me to sit through a political rally.

I wonder how you think a man with such a warm heart can be so cold? He has demonstrated so much strength and has done so many positive things for our country and the world. I believe he has a very high stress job and his work is for good.
We are all vessels for the will of our Lord and His sacrifice saved us. I do not like for anyone to say anything against Him. His death is personal to me. Serving Him is my great pleasure every day because I love Him deeply.

No one has greater love than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15: 13

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I just got a text:
did you know tomorrow is Donald Trump’s final birthday as president?

Biden HQ: We’re sending Donald Trump a card to say
“Enjoy your LAST birthday in the White House, because we’re doing everything we can to make sure that you lose your job in less than 5 months.”

How does that sound?

I esteemed, supported, praised and overall held in high regard and did everything I could before to build up Trump’s reputation and convince myself and others his decisions and actions were sound and justified to myself and others as well as the accusations against him all false and jealous persecutions motivated by money seeking individuals.
I did this because his goodness was the only source of goodness for many. Because support of the President was patriotic. Because it was biblical to pray for leader 1 Timothy 2:2 and to pray your nation 2 Chronicles 7:14 and to continue under hardships without question or complaint because it was my civic duty and the faith that he was enduring the hardships as well and together there would be prosperity and a better tomorrow for everyone.

BUT, to be very honest with you, to a great extent, it was because I felt sorry for his wife.

Edited to add *to a great extent

Fox is out of favour with Trump lately. OAN is his new darling.