Right, Reg! Because he had nothing to do with getting those 3 prisoners released. They just did that out of the goodness of their hearts, right after they tortured Otto Warmbier.


Here is a list of the 15 prisoners Obama got released from North Korea, and the 3 that Trump has gotten released. Michele, when Trump meets Kim Jong Un, they will both get some credit for having met. Not much, but some. If Trump achieves a denuclearized North Korea, he will have achieved more than every US president before him combined and I will admit this and even support his winning the Nobel Peace Prize (as meaningless as that prize may be these days). He has to do those things, though. He doesn’t get credit for wishing and talking.


Murderer? I must have missed that conviction. You still haven’t answered my question christian lady. How many?


The Liberty in 1967. Yeah it was a rotten deal during the Johnson administration. I will be the first to agree with that. Have you even read the story of the Liberty Michelle?


Read it just yesterday.


OJ wasn’t convicted either.
I answered you.


Sorry, Will! I guessed I missed the 10 Commandment post. I don’t know how many he has broken. I do know that if he kept all the Comnandments but one, he’s guilty of breaking them all.


Tried to embed video. Fail.


Trump is doing so well, lately. First, all his biggest allies unanimously told him to piss off yesterday.

Now China has told him all trade deals are off if he goes ahead with his ridiculous plan.

Finally, Trudeau told the world about Trump’s brilliant negotiating skills, totally killing a deal at the last moment with his two biggest trading partners over nothing.

I look forward to seeing what the master dealmaker will screw up this coming week.


Just paste the Youtube link in the message. It’ll automatically embed. No more Youtube button needed.



not the one I meant.


Still good though. lol.


Rumors is making the round that Gunda married her dog and is on a long lasting honeymoon trip. I just hope she won’t follow in lock-step with my ex wife. STAY TRUE TO YOUR DOG, GIRL!


Wow! Mocking our president? I shouldn’t be surprised. When we go low, you go high, right?


Awesome! Reality has set in. They know that we aren’t going to be “pissed on” any longer and they are sulking like a bunch of spoiled snot-nosed girls.


Mocking? Just showing the truth about trump. As a small p president I think he should be mocked constantly. As many of his staff have remarked, he is a moron, idiot, fool, the list goes on.


So, BigMoon, would You prefer a satanic witch? She would have engaged in war with Russia. Satanic! So Satanic.
She’d support the abortion mills at Planned Parenthood if she was in power. Or…are You by chance a baby hater, hating those created in god’s own image???

For the record: Her cheating “husband” was in charge when Waco happened, and thus is to blame for the burning of tens of innocent adventist children and babies!!!

Also, we all have to thank Trump that he is kicking some EU bureaucrats’ asses and for this alone I would hug him!

Man, watch INFOWARS to get totally red-pilled like Reg and myself and become a part of the resistance to the New World Order, too. It feels great to be the resistance.
The US has woken up, Eastern Europe has woken up, now western Europe is finally waking up to confront socialsm and globalism. And I am in the f’in midst of it. Feels great. Just great, I tell you. Like a Trump victory. Or Brexit. I even completely negrect everything else, because it is just so great. Only the bible is more great.

If you are reading this post then YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE


The passion! I do love passionate people, especially when they’re wrong. You are not the resistance you are the future brownshirts. Goebbels even predicted it would happen here.

As far as the abortion issue goes, you people are fine with saving the babies but once they’re born couldn’t care less about them. That’s a fact Michelle.

I wasn’t aware that Reg had taken the red pill. He can speak for himself on that.

Just4fun: Favorite shirt colour and Dannyboy music

Let’s not forget that Trump goes the lowest of all. I will never, ever understand how the Trump nightmare ever got past this. He should have been disgraced and forgotten the day he mocked a man’s disability.

Sulking? lol. Every sanctioned nation has matched your sanctions point for point. China has called off a trade deal. Republicans are coming out against the sanctions right, left and center. Trump is too stupid to realize he has already lost this fight bigly.