Just4fun: Favorite shirt colour and Dannyboy music

Gosh, seems like MyBigMoon isn’t only prejudiced when it comes to Trump, but also when it comes to shirt colours. The audacity!

So I challenge everybody to find his favorite shirt colour. You must know, we did have a lot of shirt colours in Europe since shirt diversity has always been our strength.

Do you prefer the green shirts over the brown shirts then?

…or is it actually the black shirts you are into?

camicia=shirt nera=black, we do even learn some Italian here. Were sophisticated phil-o-sophs.

…I still haven’t revealed my favorite shirt colour yet. Might do so though, if you asked me nicely.

Would you please, please, pretty please tell us your favorite shirt color?

Of course, it is a pleasure for me to remind everyone on bbad of the voluntary force that touch my heart the most.
Because we are related by blood.
Because they were one of the last foreign bataillons in Berlin fighting the invading russian communists and stood true to the reich as foreign volunteers.
Because almost all of them died fighting any form of communism.
Because they didn’t receive the honour they deserve.
Because the communist enemy said about them they were fanatics.
Because there is a whole letter-size page of beautiful things German WWII officials had to say about them.

50000 came under order of Spanish leadership.
3000 deserted Spanish leadership orders to withdraw from German allies and to come home under thread of death penalty if disobeyed and instead joined German Waffen-XX.
Almost all of them died, most of them defending Berlin.

I am talking of no one less than BLUE DIVISON.
Voluntarios división azul/ XX-division of foreign volunteers number #101 “the Spanish Legion”/ Spanische Freiwillige der Blau División

Shirt colour: BLUE (of course)

I recommend the book “Berlin a vida o muerte” of Miguel Ezquerra to learn about their ardent motivation of fighting communsim.

What did you think was my favorite shirt color? Red???

Oh. I didn’t know you were a nazi.

I am truely anti-communist, that is all. Faithful to my creator that is.

It just came to my mind:
The “blue tunic army” as described in James Jester’s “Will the real Israel please stand up” wore blue shirts as well (hence the name). They might have been Jeshua’s (Jesu’s) bodyguards.
So, blue is always a good choice of colour!

i spent several years in a medium sized hamlet in the medium high adirondacks