I’m totally against Trump. I honestly feel he is the worst world leader of my lifetime. Clearly the stupidest and least informed. The most uncultured. A buffoon, really. I would be ashamed to call such a man my leader and I believe about 60% of Americans are, too.

This said, I do not like the personal turn that US politics have taken. I can hate Trump and feel and say that he is a moronic buffoon (and I do) without feeling or saying that about his supporters. They should be able to feel and say that about Hillary without feeling and saying it about Hillary supporters. The US, both right wing and left, has gone down a path that I feel is entirely unhealthy.

In Canada, we disagree totally on politics and then go out for a few drinks after. Every Thursday and Sunday when I’m in Canada, I meet respectively with my two groups of friends, one group at the marina downtown and another group of tech friends out here in Surrey. In both cases, the group contains everything from communists to right wingers and we do talk politics. We just realize that because the other guy is wrong in our opinion doesn’t make him a bad person. The US seems to have lost that perspective.

I am honestly not sure you can recover from this. Half of America hates the other half. I have seen this kind of thing before in places like Bosnia and Serbia, but I have never seen a nation recover from it. I really wonder if you are going to be able to survive as a nation.


I wonder too.


This is where the disconnect is. Trump did not mock that man.


What is your explanation for that video, then?


I am interested in hearing her explanation too. He is clearly mocking him.


Mhmm. If you don’t prefer brown shirts, what about blackshirts then? I think they are way more FASH-ionable. But beware of the ZOG, if jewr a too FASHionable bad goy, the SPLC will come for you. Hahahaha.

Prophet Joseph predicted Trumpistry?

Not true for me, though. I love babies. They are a shitload of work, but if they’re mine I don’t mind, even not the dirty stuff. Also, you can read the bible to them all day. They won’t “run”. However, I gotta make some new ones, because they took all from me.
Also, rightwingers like myself are engaging in pro home-schooling activity, so you cannot say, we don’t care when after they were born.
In fact, we’ll be needing to create a whole ARMY of 144000 children without a spot or a wrinkle, knowing the bible by heart, to bring the man-child and die in the process ushering in messiah’s return in the end-of-times to bring about the messianic kingdom age.



So much appreciation. One might think the biggest Trump supporter on board, having just an edge over AgeOfGrace and myself in regards to Trumpistry.


Separatism is the solution. As it always has been. Two nations will be better than one, if they become “1000 hearts, one beat” after secession.
Maybe “defeatists” preaching separatism like Harold have been right all along?


Yes, that’s going so well for South Sudan and Kosovo. lol.


Kosovo at least is at peace. Without Gypsies and the insanely high level of corruption there it could blossom.
South Sudan, well, how to put it frankly…Maybe the’ll make it in a few years just like Detroit.


Welcome to Weimar America :wink:


Kosovo is at peace but it’s a mess. Almost everyone agrees it would’ve been better off staying within Serbia. South Sudan is just a mess. Separation rarely works well.

The UK was better off within the EU. Quebec is better off within Canada. Catalonia is better off within Spain. Scotland chose the UK. Even the bloody Basques have given up.

We will have world government soon. Not soon as in 20 years but certainly within 200. The Internet was the first step and the merging of world economies is the second. Visa-free travel will follow in the coming decades, as will a world currency.

Remember that the United States was originally a loose confederation of very distinct countries, but in time it became one large country with a few quirks between regions. They are better off together, and the world will be better off together.


Uhhm, oh-kaaaay?


Yeah, if this works as well as the European Union and their Euro currency with all the struggles and “quick fixes”, we will rather have world war soon with your proposed globalist model, bringing together what is not meant to be together…


NWOReg, would You support a world-president Trump? Like in this “Trump elected world president” ad.

Or would this be too much New World Order for Your taste?


Don’t confuse the geographic merging of the US into one nation with the ideological split that is destroying them. One is a simple matter of physical borders. The other is deeper and almost spiritual. One side believes in universal health care and gun control, almost like a religion, and the other side believes in free enterprise and gun rights, again almost like a religion. It would be easier if there was a nice geographic line between the two but there isn’t. California has Reagan-Republicans and Sanders-Socialists in almost equal numbers.


The only thing I support Trump for is prison, and I’m hoping Mueller puts him there. If I can’t have that, I’ll settle for impeachment.




The article from politifact says that Trump was wrong when he denied mocking a reporter.