Nope. You’re the only one from the old BBAD that responded. Wouldn’t surprise me (or displease me) if Dammitboy was dead. I’d expect a few others to drop in over the coming months, but most people have just moved on.


Daniel reminds me very much of Mark(Silky). Any chance?


None. Mark (Silky) is Popobawa (whatever that means).


To Age of Grace:

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe you are a professed Christian. If that is true how do you explain to your children/grandchildren when they ask you who Stormy Daniels is or what the §resident means when he says he can grab women by the pussy? How does that square your values?


POPOBAWA, that almost looks like something russian in cyrillic. Like НОВОСИБИРСК (Novosibirsk).
I am not Mark. I do explain myself crystal clear. I am not rambling, but truth seeking like a truther.


I was just reading this CBC article on Trump’s silly tariffs. It’s amazing how little Trump understands basic economics. US industry can’t buy aluminum from US suppliers. They are old, outdated and inefficient, and even at full capacity they can’t come close to meeting US demand. As a result, the tariffs will almost certainly not affect Canadian sales to the US at all, and will only raise prices for US consumers.


The plan is to tell them the truth.
How are you going to explain to your grandchildren that you voted for a criminal?


I read up on the USS Liberty. Really interesting and disturbing and it should be investigated. It sort of makes me angry but I would never support attacking Israel.
I don’t really feel that the United States is “owned” by Israel. Sounds like Democrat Lyndon Johnson may have been tho.

Now tell me about the nuclear site.


Excited for your travels Reg. She’s beautiful and looks like she wears little makeup. I think my next door neighbor is Brazilian. Or Portuguese. I can’t tell. Apparently, there used to be apple trees where I just moved into and they were destroyed for my house. Off to a great start with her ;). I think she’d rather have the trees. Oh well. I’m traveling next week ;). I’ll put some pics up soon, but I’d rather shoot a video.


Every US President for the last 50 years has been owned by Israel. Sanders even would have been. Jill Stein, I’m assuming is a Jew, might have been. Kucinich would not have been. Paul would not have been. Disappointing, but not much to do about it. Even liberals in Massachusetts seem to be zionists. Although, that might be dwindling.


Yeah because Kucinich is special, unlike Trump, who has only done at least 2 things no other president has done in the past 50 years when he moved our embassy to Jerusalem and denuclearizing North Korea.


Same plan. Tell the truth. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for a narcissistic, lying traitor who would use the office to enrich himself and his sleazy family.


I am also interested in learning more about those Egyptian prisoners that they killed.


Yeah, wars and rumors of (Trade)wars


Um…one meeting in two weeks does not equal denuclearizing North Korea. Most people, even Republicans, agree there is zero chance of that. Let’s see how it goes. If he really does achieve that, which I doubt, I will have to conceded a huge point in Trump’s favour, but he has to actually do it first.


Perhaps a christian (you) could tell me how many of the ten commandments Trump has broken. By my count he’s busted numbers 7,8, 9 and ten. He’s iffy on number 4.


Fair enough! But let’s all acknowledge he has made more progesss with NK than any other president.


I’ll acknowledge that after he meets Kim Jong Un. He flip-flops so much I’m not going to concede anything until he does things, not just talks about things.


Right, Will! Because a lying, colluding murderer was so much more appealing. The reason the USS Liberty probably happened could very well lead to corruption and collusion within the Democratic Party. But you keep sticking your head in the sand. That plays into their agenda well.


Yeah, I have to back that to 100%.
Ron Paul has always been incorruptable.
I supported Ron Paul 2008 at the Heidelberg US facilities.
For once, Dan & Dan can agree on an issue of politics.