THE Right!


Hyde-Smith won. Mississippi. Last in edjikachuns. First in racism.


2 Republican senators voted against the racist judge, nominated by trump.



All those farmers who loved him so.


Bush Sr. just died. I don’t care at all. He started the first Iraq war on a lie and carried on with Reagan’s legacy (tax cuts for the rich, huge deficits and nothing at all for the poor and disenfranchised). He seemed like a pleasant enough person but he was bad for the USA and the world. I will decline to participate in the inevitable gushing that will follow for the next week or two.


Just in case anyone doesn’t know the story:


There was also the matter of his plane being hit in WWII and Bush bailed out allowing 2 crew members to die with the plane.


Why? Why do you think they treated her badly because Will is right. I have no idea and I do want to know.


Michelle Obama was treated worse than any first lady in history. I understand you might not have encountered this because you are not a racist. Still, it is true. She was called ugly, she was called a gorilla, she was called transgender with thousands of memes showing a bulge in her dress as “evidence”, she is to this day called “Mike” by thousands of Trump supporters who insist she is actually a man involved in gay marriage with Barrack.

I don’t pity her. She knew the game and decided to play it. Still, there is no doubt in my mind she has been treated worse than any first lady in history.


What was I right about?


I think she must have been referring to this…

Oh, now you quote the fatass drug addict Limbaugh. Just another right wing rabble rouser. Tell me Michele, do you feel roused by Limbaugh?

I couldn’t really tell either, so that’s what I’m going with.


I remember this. Where did you get it?


And I agree with you. She has been treated unfairly. You are the expert here, Reg! Can you explain it?


I bet trump is hoping to get some.

I guess she thought Germany was our ally in ww2. Trump said she is excellent, though. There was a comma in his sentence, so he managed to get like 7 words in.


I think Michelle Obama is the best looking first lady of all time, not that it matters. Laura Bush was decent looking and barbara Bush had nice white hair.


She proved her loyalty to Trump with her visit to Saudis Arabia. But considering what a complete Dick Trump is to women, he will probably parachute her unarmed over Iran.


No one rouses me the way you do, Dick! I do hope there are consequences to your approach. Preferably swift and punishing. Perhaps when you least expect it as well.


I love it when you talk mean to me.


Proof of loyalty (preferably with an oath) is all that matters to trump.

There’s an ongoing investigation into the truth of a crime and she seems committed to Trumps agenda of pretending there was no crime. Even if she knows in her heart a crime was committed, do you really think she’s going to share her personal opinion with Saudi or Turkish authorities?
She proved her loyalty when she kept her cool in Saudi Arabia when I’m certain she was under intense pressure to speak out against this crime and also against Trump for failing to acknowledge the truth of it.