THE Right!


What about ever? I mean it’s hard to believe she was never once proud of our country before a black man became president.


2. She’s “strikingly ungracious.” (Jim Geraghty, writing for National Review)

“My comment was in response to her declaring during her husband’s campaign that “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.”


3. She [doesn’t look like a first lady] (and she did push-ups). (Virginia voter Bobbie Lussier)

They did mock the way she dressed but I thought she was always dressed fine.


They have posted video of Michelle Obama whispering something inaudible to her husband during the ceremony and are speculating that she said "[all this just for a flag]

I don’t know if lip readers had it right or wrong but I can see why they would think she said it since she is not a proud American.


You don’t know but you are willing to believe it. That’s so you.


5. She weighs too much to care about health: “The problem is — and dare I say this — it doesn’t look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritional, dietary advice. And then we hear that she’s out eating ribs at 1,500 calories a serving with 141 grams of fat per serving, yeah it does — what do you mean, what do I mean?” (Rush Limbaugh)

I find it difficult to believe this would offend you, Reg, considering how shallow you are on the subject of women’s weight. But since she’s a black woman it probably does. Lord knows you can’t speak cross about a back woman or you will be labeled a racist. However, most black people will tell you that black people are not racist.


I never said I believed it, Will. Why are you putting words in my mouth?


Oh, now you quote the fatass drug addict Limbaugh. Just another right wing rabble rouser. Tell me Michele, do you feel roused by Limbaugh?


She “needs to drop a few” pounds before she can be taken seriously on the issue of nutrition. (Keith Ablow, prominent member of the Fox News “[Medical A-Team]

Again, this should be a comment you support but a white man or a conservative said it so it’s against everything you believe now.


She eats too much, as demonstrated by a cartoon of a chubby Michelle chowing down on a burger and fries, telling a skinny Barack to “shut up and pass the bacon!” (Big Government)

This just makes me sick inside but if someone is going to take on nutrition in America, they should probably practice a nutritional diet. I don’t know what she was eating and I don’t care.


That doesn’t offend me at all. I agree with it. She should lose a few pounds. If she did, her arguments about nutrition would be more credible. By the way, you are currently engaged in what is called a “Strawman argument”. I made reference to Michele Obama being treated badly. You then googled some list and assigned it as my position even though I had never even mentioned that list, and now you shoot down items on your own list and pretend you’re shooting down my argument.


I asked you to tell me but you ignored me. Did you not think I would go searching for whatever she was so harshly treated over? If this is not what you are talking about then for God’s sake stop me before I waste my time going through the rest of these points.


Why are you going silent again? Reg I can’t read your mind. I am clueless about what you are talking about.




I don’t understand this at all.


you never have, doubtful you ever will. You’re a simple minded bible-thumping Trump lover. You can’t help it.


You are one person that should know…


I’ve understood every single thing that has happened here up to this point. But you are right. I am too simple-minded for you or this.


Yeah, I’ve heard these exact words before. Did you make a macro for that phrase? I think … What is this? Is she trying to guilt trip me? Is it self pity. Is she out of auto parts?


For the record, I didn’t “go silent”. I just have a lot to do and stepped away from the computer to do it. :slight_smile: