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There is nothing more loyal to their master than a dog.


There are a couple of guys who “proved their loyalty” to trump who will be going to jail soon. Charging documents released today for Cohen and Manafort.


Cohen and Manafort going down is just the beginning of exposing trumps treason.


Mueller alleges 5 ways Manafort lied about contacts with Trump administration and suspected Russian spy

  • Special counsel Robert Mueller has accused Paul Manafort, 69, of lying about “a variety of subject matters” after he signed a plea agreement with the special counsel requiring him to fully and truthfully cooperate with investigators.
  • Mueller’s team hinted during a court hearing last week that the ex-Trump campaign chairman could be slapped with new charges.
  • Manafort’s sentencing date in that case has been tentatively set for March 5.

Kevin Breuninger | Dan Mangan

Age of 69. He could die in prison.


I can’t get excited about Manafort or Cohen. Sure they deserve jail but whatever. I want the big prize.



I need to get a copy of that suitable for framing.


I did read some about them this morning. They should be placed in adjoining cells and go fuck each other for a change. I do not care!

Congratulations, Reg! Nice blow! I know you have been waiting a very long time for the perfect opportunity to surprise me with that one. Tell me, do you feel adrenaline rushing to your head? Does it make you feel superior? Do you think I just experienced karma? I wonder how long you will have to wait for karma again after I inform you that I don’t care if you BURN IN HELL!!!


Michele, I’ve been posting the same thing for months. Here’s one from August.

And here’s one from September.

I have never hidden what I want, but you always seem surprised by it. Here it is again if you missed it, also from September.


Oh yes! You are like a broken record I wish someone would turn off.


Then why the shock?


Because I just woke up to it and I wasn’t expecting it.


Fair enough. We will follow this soap opera through to the end. Trump might be impeached but not removed from office, or perhaps both will happen, or perhaps he will serve out his presidency with distinction. I don’t expect you to change your opinion through that time, nor do I expect Will to change his, nor Dan to change his, nor Daniel to change his, nor me to change mine, although anything is possible on all fronts.




Your fellow Trumpite from Germany.



Yes, Smartass! I remember.


I thought he left.


Yes, but not forever, at least not as far as I know. He has been coming and going for years. He finds this place too stressful to participate consistently, or so he told me once.


No doubt!


Hard to believe with his superior aryan bloodline.


John Kelly to leave the white house.