Should Fat People Be Allowed To Vote?

Mark, saying I would let you vote if you lost weight is not the same as calling you fat.

Fat has become an insult, which is silly. It is a simple word that indicates a person has too high a fat-to-body-weight ratio. Given this, and given your own strong reaction to the word, I stopped using that word in your case years ago.

Not allowing people to vote is also seen as incredibly hurtful by some, which is also silly. A quick read of the US constitution shows that your framers never intended for everyone to vote. For the first 100 years of US history, white men with property were the only Americans routinely permitted to vote. I don’t agree with that system but I find the current system of one-man-one-vote to be equally foolish.

You can’t control your own eating, which by your definition makes you fat. You can’t synchronize the breathing with food intake and your body doesn’t have the functions such as chew and swallow and digest and eliminate by itself.

Also those food items represent something, time. I just watched that fly out the window for you and now I am wondering what you will do to make up for it.

It’s jawlossy on your part. You can’t just injure yourself on some poor mouth alignment and expect tasks to be completed effortlessly.

You give new meaning to the term “indentured” servant.

Don’t be silly. Of course I can control my own eating. I eat mainly vegetables, jello, diet coke and low cream coffee. That’s why I’m not fat.

By the way, I saw your post about sexual function before you deleted it. Don’t sweat that stuff. It hits us all by 50. When it works, enjoy it. The rest of the time, you’ll realize it’s no big deal.

their vote should count according to their weight! More weight, more stamina, more electoral power

Dont worry Mark. I am under 40 and confused and freaked out as hell. I strive for a wife within my closed-cult tribe-nation, after finding it, but I cannot do it in this ZOGciety. Because I cant bring a baby into this hostile, fallen world with my holy seed and also after the forbidden pleasure, it burns as hell, I cannot enjoy even the most chubby woman any more, even if she is young, it blew a fuse. I am broken beyond repair and need a healer and forgiveness. So I am abstaining from now on! We are in a total war now against technological slavery!!!

We lost that war decades ago. No, centuries ago.

Shut up, Reg! Don’t lose faith by giving up on dreaming! God is on our side and there is still hope. Read David Skrbina’s “Technological Slavery”. There are cult groups spreading like wild fire and even some of the public is awakening. Berlin, 1st of August showed that revolution is still possible and that there is a common spirit. We even got a drum circle!

This is the fight of our life. God’s creation will prevail over the satanic technology.

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Are You trying to radicalize me?
The world view of the evil one (materialistic world view) has been creeping in for centuries, yes that is true, with an unseen acceleration today and when the industrial revolution happened, but the fight it not over. Not yet, Kameraden, not yet! The struggle has only yet begun and I am on!

There is tons of material out there and people are waking up right now

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I wonder how they get the word out. Oh right, they post on the internet about how bad technology is.

Reggie did you mean ¿quijada nada?

compared to the average dutch person you are fat
compared to the average ethiopian you are a whale

Technically, his body is slim. It’s his mind that is super fat.

The average weight in the adult male population in the Netherlands was 87.4 kg last year. In 2011, 54 percent of adult men and 43 percent of adult women were overweight in the Netherlands. I am 82 kilos at the moment and my BMI is normal, well under the Dutch average. Also you are fat and stupid, Nico.

i said average dutch person, your link proves you are fat, reg

avg male: 87.4kg
avg female: 72.3kg
which makes the average dutch person 79,85kg

time to stop focussing on poor silky and lose some weight, fatso! lol

You are truly an imbecile, Nico. I am male. The male average applies to me. Anyway, go paint yourself black or something like a good Dutchman.

yes yes lol but you are still fatter than the average dutch person and an enormous whale when compared to an ethiopian!
according to your rules you shouldnt be allowed to vote, fattie!

egotistical people usually forget to apply their own rules to themselves…

should morons be allowed to vote?
in case you were wondering, i get to decide who is or isn’t a moron
i have a simple test
come the revolution, you will be taking it

I voted no because I don’t think Reggie should be allowed to vote. He clearly stated in the poll: No, if they can’t control their eating, they can’t make political decisions.

Look at his neck. The guy has a problem every mealtime and he makes a decision based on his self importance in relevance to others.

If I get labeled fat I lose my vote. Do I have a problem eating where I have to put a potentially life threatening food blockage issue off on somebody else every time I want to be propped up a table and push food to my mouth?