Should Fat People Be Allowed To Vote?

when i was five, santa creeped me out
looking in my bedroom to see if i am sleeping, knowing everything about if i was bad or good
keeping a list, double checking
i was glad when i found out my parents were lying about him
then when i was ten, god creeped me out
keeping my name in a book to see if i was bad or good, being everywhere all the time
judging, always judging
i was glad when i found out my parents were lying about him
and my parents started to creep me out.
lying to me about this important stuff
at least i still have a document i can believe in
it says all men are created equal
don’t mention morons

should people that believe space aliens are watching us and controlling us be allowed to vote?
i mean jesus the christ my personal lord and savior is watching and wants me to vote?
either one
it’s the same question
santa 2020
make america cookies again

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Constitution worship is as silly as Bible worship.

Mark, I admit I said fat people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and intuitively that still makes sense to me, but I did adjust my opinion as follows afterwards:

it’s from the declaration
the constitution has a more perfect union, and electoral votes from slave populations( 3/5)
trust a fucking canuckian to get that wrong

This looks good for you Reggie. The bags are tested for 14 french and above g foods. I don’t know how they taste but it looks not only that they worked on color and nutrition but good flavor as well. It might allow you to spit up a bit.

Did you shop food tubes on Amazon?

Please don’t talk to me unless you did.

I don’t care. Don’t talk to me until you get change all your eating to food tubes.

I don’t care at all about your constitution, declaration or bible. At least belief in Santa used to get me presents once a year when I was a kid.

No it doesn’t. It looks effing disgusting. Buy vegetables. Put them in a pot. Cook them. Eat them.

You can’t do that.
You have too much fat and you are too weak.

And yet I did it. I added shrimp today, and a bit of soy sauce. It was great.

Only anti-moronic morons.

No one wonders. You’re pretty predictable.

What’s a revolution? Nothing you would understand. Now do you spell that with one t or two? Ignore morons. Yay! No test fir me. Morons don’t take tests.

He can change the rules if they aren’t fitting into his agenda. He’s flexible to himself that way.

Decisions are all he can make. Don’t take that away from him, Mark.

I think I’ll go have some brittle. Want some? Only 1000 calories per bite.

I’m 55 and you creep me out

10 seconds later you creep me out again.

I know. Where is Gods sense of humor. Do you think maybe he just doesn’t like you?

They tried to enlist you in the military to fight that awful war didn’t they. Which one was it? The Revolution?

Oh wait…I know this one. 4 score and 7 years ago…oh that’s not it.

that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. According to globalists, liberty is moot, unless it’s their liberty.

So is your system, Silly.

You’re going to have to adjust a great deal more if you want participation in such a silly game. Otherwise, you may be playing with yourself, which I hear, is not out of the norm.

It does sound uneventful doesn’t it. No love. Must be effortless cooking. I’ll have to try that. I bet you burn a lot of food though. Probably walk away and forget. I would probably have to add extra onion to flavor your food.

Don’t be silly. I say “hey google, set an alarm for 30 min” and then go type crap on the internet.

Google Home:

Did you devein it first? Some people don’t like to eat shrimp until it’s been deveined. I always devein my shrimp before I eat it. It gives me the illusion that it’s clean when we both know it’s not clean at all. We know that because you told me that once. I remember. You said…

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Get those feeding tubes Reggie. Or else.

It is an abomination unto the Lord.

Leviticus 11:12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.

Not being a Christian, I don’t care at all.

That’s right. You are unashamed about your insulin injections and blood sugar test kits even at restaurants.

Get those feeding tubes and those prepared special meals.

Don’t wait until you disgust somebody at the table and get karate chopped across the throat.

They should be allowed to vote, but I’m guessing we wouldn’t have trump as president if they weren’t.

While it is true I have never been ashamed of insulin injections, even at restaurants (they took 10 seconds and I did them through my shirt – the overwhelming majority of people never even noticed), it is also true that I haven’t injected insulin for 2 years. I eat healthy and don’t consume starch. My blood sugar is nearly normal.

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We know. You say that about a lot of things in life.

ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — Scott Henry Smith, 71, went missing from the 12700 block of W. 56th Place at 2:30 p.m., Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reports.

He is 6 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. He should be easy to find

i went shopping today for krill
didn’t find no whale either