Wasn’t there? Or have you not read Bruce Ohr’s interview with Pientka starting November 22, 2016 and ending in May 2017 just after James Comey was fired? Interviews summarized in FD 302’s?

Acknowledge it or shut up.

First, I am never going to shut up. Second, I don’t follow your conspiracy theories. You have become boring. A one trick pony.

You don’t follow the truth.

If I’m so boring, why do you insist on answering every post I make?

See I tried to start an intellectual conversation with you based on facts stated by Ohr and you totally ignored it. Somehow I feel like you are playing games with me that I just know you don’t want to play.

Ohr in his interviews with Pientka has confirmed that the FBI used unfounded allegations against Trump in the Steele dossier to spy on the Trump campaign.


Hahaha! I fart in your general direction.

Who says you don’t play games.


Now you have become boring.

Are you still here?

Not yet.

I will play briefly. The FBI did use the Steele dossier to spy on Trump. The allegations in that dossier pertaining to Trump’s perversions are unproven but it is not at all clear that they are unfounded. Trump has paid many prostitutes. Indeed, it is unclear if he has ever had sex with a woman who didn’t have a profit motive. Sometimes they were paid in cash and other times they got future considerations. It is unclear what Melania’s motive is but there does not appear to be any love there. Is it really a stretch to believe Trump paid Russian prostitutes to pee on him? Everything else in the Steele dossier has checked out. There is no corroborating proof about the golden showers but that doesn’t mean they’re not true.

lol sorry. That is too cute. Even sweet. lol

Symantics! I assume you are willing to build the foundation for this case. I’ll be waiting over here to the Right when you are ready to provide evidence that he, at the very least, has a preference for urine.

Just look at his skin tone.

No, there’s no need to provide that evidence as he’s not facing trial. The Steel dossier says he did this. Some disbelieve this. Others think it’s possible, but nobody’s stating that it’s certain he got peed on by Russian prostitutes and I am not asserting that it is certain, only possible.

Now, kindly provide one shred of evidence to support your ridiculous idea that Clinton was somehow behind the alleged murder of Jeffrey Epstein.

If you respond with cryptic nonsense, I’ll go back to not playing.

He’s not facing trial because he hasn’t …you know what, I think I’ll do you a favor and stop playing.

Do me a favor and stop making things up. I don’t have the ridiculous idea in my head that Clinton killed Epstein. I have serious doubts that he is even dead. Having said that, if he is dead, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if she was involved. But there is no need for evidence since it’s all my thoughts are ridiculous anyway.




You three are so judge mental you make me sick.

Should be one word. Judgemental.

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