Biggest News Story Of Our Lives

I’m thinking this Coronavirus of 2020 might just be the biggest news story of our lives. I’ve listed the candidates I can think of. I doubt any of us were born early enough to list WW2.

  • 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic
  • 2020 Brexit
  • 2009 H1N1 Pandemic
  • 2008 Economic Crash
  • 2001 September 11 attack on the US
  • 1969 Moon Landing

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I am still not fully convinced whether there really is a viral pandemy called Wuhan400 or Corona virus going on. Could as well be a coup to install global communism.
Id like to say Brexit because I attended first hand and because it might be biblical.
But I had to vote for 9/11. Nothing else red pilled myself and others alike.

So many people began questioning MSM, opened up a bible for the first time, have put their whole world view in question after 9/11 and the “retaliation” on Saddam’s Iraq and the WMDs…I am so thankful for this happened while I was young.
I sold my TV set after 9/11 aftermath never to trust MSM again.

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You don’t believe MSM but you believe the bible. What WMDs?

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Weapons of mass destruction which Saddam aledgedly had posessed, never to be found.
Yes, this is actually true: infowars, several messianic outlets in germany all have their origin in 9/11.
some members I got to get to know at feast days of the bible Celebrations answered to my question “when did you open your heart to god for the first time and distrust mainsream? When did we start?” - 9/11 aftermath responded quite a few.

Yes I am sooo thankful we have the bible !!! This world would be completely lost without her.

Nobody in the USA gives a shit about brexit lol.


Not true though! Norbert Link of the church of the eternal god and resident of California does!
Link: Brexit

This Corona thing might become an even bigger thing than the great climate crisis of 2019.
Here’s Greta’s opinion about this:

ok, voted corona but only because ww2 wasnt available, moon landing will mean way less than the mars landing and 9/11 was an inside job

i imagine that when you ask people in 25-50 years what the corona crisis was about they will probably answer: dunno or oh yeah that was a way milder version of xxx-virus… ww2 will be remembered a 1000 years from now

Is that because of the “interesting characters” and “well designed uniforms” on the axis’ side? * twinky * * twinky *



Interesting. I actually agree with some of this.

There hasn’t been a meaningful mars landing and while I think it’s likely, I’m not willing to stipulate it will happen. We seem to be going backwards lately.

I agree totally about the corona crisis not being remembered. It will kill far fewer people than H1N1. The reason it’s so significant is the reaction to it.

WW2 won’t be remembered by the majority of people 1000 years from now or even 100 years from now. You underestimate how little people care about history, or feel it doesn’t apply to them. We’ve already largely forgotten WW1 and almost nobody can tell you anything about the Qing dynasty conquering the Ming dynasty and that cost 25 million lives.

Interesting choice of news stories by the way.

Coronavirus Pandemic 2020:

  • is it really happening? Or just a giant hoax?


  • has there really been an foreign attack?

1969 moon landing:

  • in a Hollywood CGI-enhanced studio?

2008 economic crash:

  • for Germany this meant influx of capital en masse from the outskirts of Europe like Spain after been drying up for almost 10 years. Due to the risk VS. interest rate ratio change. A “crash” mostly didn’t happen for Germans. In Spain it has been notable though.

Btw. some alternative minded economists such as “Andreas Clauss” (R.I.P.) said "there cannot be any crash because a literal crash would need some rock solid elements to clash. Since central banks can print out FIAT money at will out of thin air, can there technically be any “crash” at all? Sure there may be transfers, most likely from working class to capital or from rich states to failed states, but this aint a “crash” in the sense of e.g. an airplane crash…

2009 “H1N1 Pandemic”:

  • Did this really happen? I don’t remember anything more than some “noise”, murmur and rumors.

2020 - Brexit:
THE ONLY REAL DEAL here! Biblical to the core! Witnessed and celebrated heavily!

(((Oy vey, no shoa is listed here. Are You a “denier”? I might report the missing shoa option to Morris Dees of the SPLC))) LOL

Do you think Reg is going to read the coronavirus topic this morning?

absolutely, i think he reads everything lol

hahahahaha. Does “click, scroll to bottom, make rude comment about how stupid it is” count as “reading”?

yup lol

be courageous and be brave
in my heart you will remain
forever young

I was wrong on that. It will kill 4 x as many people as H1N1. About as many as tuberculosis. I think I also predicted less than 100,000 Americans would die, which is another one I got wrong.

i guess a good question would be “why did you think that”
better would be “why were you so certain”
i have gone back and read your statement a few times
didn’t couldn’t find the word “probably”. didn’t see the usual “imho”.
didn’t even read that “some epidemiologists say”.
any way, america beat the corona virus
i can tell because it isn’t on the news tonight for the first time in seven months
some election somewhere

I obviously should have been less certain since I was proven wrong.

I still, even now, think we overreacted, but I admit this is far more serious than I had thought back in March. I’m not a denier nor do I subscribe to any conspiracy theories about how this is a strange effort to control people for some nefarious purpose. I just note that every year 55 million people die and this year about 2% more will die, most of whom are over 80. I also note that for COVID-19 to kill more than tuberculosis this year, 200,000 more people will have to die, and nobody cares at all about tuberculosis even though it is spread the same way as COVID-19.

I really don’t consider my position to be extreme at all. I obey the rules. I wear my face mask when I go outside, and I maintain social distance wherever possible. If the guard at the mall wants to take my temperature and make me use antibacterial gel on the way in, I’m cool with it. If the local bars are closed, I don’t care at all. Those types of things don’t inconvenience me. Closing the world economy and shutting down travel does inconvenience me (and millions of others) and I continue to think that’s a huge overreaction.