Kamala Harris

I can’t help but believe she is going to win the Primary. As the strongest Progressive Socialist, she is supported by the Rainbow Coalition.

She supports abortion but speaks in contradictory terms using biblical scripture in hopes of gaining Christian votes.

She’s going to win. :frowning:

I really, really hope you’re wrong. Kamala Harris would bring the Democrats to the right. What the US needs is a clear, unambiguous choice between right and left, between unadulterated capitalism and socialism. Bernie or Elizabeth Warren both give the US that choice. Kamala Harris just blurs the lines and ensures that there won’t be any real change.

Oh I disagree. I believe a person like Kamala Harris would bring radical change. We will see.

Kamala is the most moderate of the top 5 Democrats. She would be the worst candidate but thankfully she will not win the primary.

So if it comes down to Harris, Sanders and Warren you are convinced it will be Warren or Sanders?

It won’t be Sanders. He went and shushed a crying baby. That’s telling if his irritability and age.

Do you think all the intellectual leftist are going to vote for a pot smoker over a district attorney?
Harris will devour Warren when they go up against each other in the debates.

God, I hope so.

I seriously doubt that. Harris was mauled by Tulsi Gabbard recently and had no answer.

I forgot about Tulsi Gabbard.

It will be interesting to see if she can climb in the polls.

you can bet if joe biden dies in office
kamala will tweet to the dirt people
they should break into congress
and appear as a guest host on jeopardy

what with her feet up on the desk
and standing in the room when the president signs something
the vice-president will be unable to host jeopardy in the first 100 days

who is counting?