WTC 7 (World Trace Center 7 - Salomon brothers building) 2019 documentary

In-depth Analysis of WTC 7 “The Smoking Gun”

It was obviously a controlled demolition. I know nobody else agrees with me except the nutty German but whatever, we all have our opinions. lol.

I agree.

I didn’t realize that. I thought I was on my own on this one. Well, aside from the white nationalist with mixed race kids. He doesn’t count.

I also don’t believe an airplane hit the pentagon. Never will.


9/11 was most likely an inside job, only people i know that dont believe there wasnt anything fishy going on are american…

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In the history of the world, buildings have fallen many times for many reasons, but never into neat little piles in their own footprint for any reason other than controlled demolition using explosives. The US government tells us it happened three times, all within a few hours on September 11, 2001, once to a building that wasn’t even hit by a plane.

Are you a boomer?

< C R >

GenX technically.

I’m genX too. By 2 years.

I suppose that airplane shaped gaping hole in the side of the building wouldn’t impress you much.

If only there was an airplane shaped gaping hole, I would be happy to accept the official story.

Looks like an airplane went in sideways to me.

Really? I’ve never seen a plane that looks like that. You might want to review this. I’ve cued it to start at the point where they talk about the Pentagon, but if you have time, the whole video is worth a watch.

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how did You manage to do that?

The pilot managed to crash-land “lawn-friendly” LOL

Did you find any chicken nuggets?

Did you find a psychiatrist yet?

No, just a skeleton. Did you find any chicken nuggets?