World Cup 2018


I love Colombia although I admit I don’t care much about Futbol.


Italy did not qualify which is a disappointment. They really seemed to train hard though but at a higher risk of disqualification. This might push for fines or punishment for sports in public or simply passing a ball of any type.


I’m happy Italy is out. I want Brasil this year (assuming there’s no miracle to be had for Colombia). England is looking really dangerous this cup, though, and I’d never count out Germany even though they’ve been sucking.


England has to play Belgium. Neither has played anyone decent yet. As usual, Brasil has a tough group.


I’m sitting in this room with one channel and guess what channel that is.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do find myself unwittingly getting drawn into this game. I don’t know the rules tho😩


Dear God the Germans are out!!! South Korea destroyed them. Incredible.



Ugh. Not liking this world cup too much. Still will have France, Belgium, and Brasil to root for. I find Spain and Portugal a bit dull in their style, surprisingly. It seems Russia has been decent hosts so far. I hope France beats Argentina, which means Argentina should win that one.


That’s really true. As far as I can tell, the Russians have been great hosts.


Yes. I haven’t heard of any racism or nazism or disrespect to other nations. They’ve been great. Hope this helps them. I don’t like Russia because it seems they are full of drunk racists, but they haven’t shown that. North America is hosting world cup in 2026 and 48 teams make it. Not 32. So the USA might qualify. I wonder if anyone will travel here, lol. They’d find out just how diverse we are.


I wonder if anyone will be able to get IN.




Why would anyone want in!?!


Great question! Finally something we can agree on, lol.


Yes we agree but for different reasons. Much like the baker and the restaurant owner. Do you agree again?


I’m sorry? Do I agree again?


You should if you are truthful.


I have no idea what you are talking about.


I’m not going to watch your cartoon.

Tell me, why don’t you think anyone would want to come here?