perhaps it tastes better that way…

These cops are brutal.


Can’t open. Don’t care.

Why can’t you open? Are you getting a message?

I don’t know what you all think but I think Biden is handing our constitutional rights over to corporate America for disposal.

Don’t be scared little Okie, don’t be scared.

I’m not scared, Will, but you should be since there is a conspicuous target on your back.
They don’t scare me. They infuriate me on a daily basis. Every time I open a page and read their works I become irritated. They practice lawlessness and get away with it while we try to do right. They create laws to control us and then break them for the uhhh…greater good. They mandate social distancing and then throw parties for 700+ guests. They limit our funerals to 10 in attendance and then openly hold funerals for their own with hundreds of invited guests in attendance.
Rules for me but not for thee.

Would you like to be body slammed by uhhh…nothing?

Defund the law for black people.

Love is lovely,
-eric clapton
truth is truthy

Oh, God, Karen. We’re so sorry. Let us move everyone off the plane so you can have your vaccinated space. You need it more than we do. Heaven forbid, the air you breathe be contaminated with unvaccinated particles.

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Apostasy maker.

That’s so sweet. If we would just embrace a more humanistic view, everyone will be saved. :flushed:

It is a great offense to mislead the people.

Look out :joy:

He :joy: knocked her down :joy: and then let her fall :joy::joy::joy:

Ouch! That hurt.

Is it too much to ask
I want a comfortable bed that won’t hurt my back
Food to fill me up
And warm clothes and all that stuff
Shouldn’t I have this

there is sum truth to this
sum is used as an adjective

only half a lie
rescued by math