:woozy_face: Someone will have to pay for that.

Here’s a peek-a-boo into our future. :mask:

It’s his accent. It should be quarantined.

Warning: Disturbing images.

If you don’t confess, I’ll drag it out of you. :joy:

There is a penalty for verbally abusing your abuser.

I think I’ll go join my hubby and get wasted drunk until spring.

There are no words for what this is and what it means other than it is undeniably the man we voted to lead our country, assuming we will survive until the end of his term.

These are probably Okies.

that’s a vial of blood
you have grate sources
your sources can’t even spell
but they are grate

I would agree with you and only add that so are yours and everyone else’s here, misspellings omitted for a flawless post.

Not everyone will find this funny.
Not everyone enjoys humor. Some are more serious. Maybe too serious. I’ll try to find something to entertain the more serious side of life.

It doesn’t get much more serious than this, for me.

That probably wouldn’t have happened if she had drank pig broth.

Repeating it doesn’t bring him closer to perfecting it. It is quite entertaining to watch though lol.

:joy::joy::joy: sorry. :joy::joy::joy: it’s just so funny​:joy::joy: I do love it too much. I think I’ve watched it too many times. It really is perfect. I hope you enjoy it too.

Retarded doesn’t even begin to describe them and there are so many words that do.

You can believe whatever you want. I believe this video.

Death wobbles lol

Weird weather patterns in this country.


Even luckier.