What are you going to do when you can’t reprimand me for posting a fake video? When you, too, can not distinguish the difference between real and fake.

What’s your point, Michele? I ask seriously, not confrontationally. The net is full of fake videos.

I thought I made my point in the question.

I happened on this by accident while reading another article. It just made me think about the things I’ve posted that you have corrected me over as fake. I was just curious as to how you we’re going to deal with the issue when you can’t tell the difference between real and fake yourself. It’s not a trap or a trick question. It was just a passing thought about the future of photos and videos.

It’s not comparable. The things I have corrected you on were easily discoverable as fake with a 10 second Google search. Whenever I post something that’s not from a major news site, I quickly fact check it. If you would do the same, you would not look foolish when someone else points out it is fake.

You somehow eluded the question but it’s unimportant anyway.

This dog seems well-trained or just simply enjoys the exercises.

These girls need more training.

You got your Tiktok videos to work!

No, not yet. I stole this one from a Facebook friend.

This is an actual conversation between Hubby and me.

which one is hubby?

doesn’t work.

All I see is Lou Diamond Phillips American.

Well, I don’t know, Billy. What day is it?

Thinki told ermm someone to run their mouse over it. I don’t have a mouse so I’m not much help.

Roman Polanskis new gig -

This guy was not just censored but completely shut down. Twitter removed his account because Trump shared his video.

They twisted the truth and labeled conservatives domestic terrorists. Still no report on the identity of the horned one. Do what you do and dismiss the facts if they lead to corruption on the left. Remember this is a globalist reset. Peace through strength and control, starting with dismantling our Constitutional republic and the 2nd amendment. One world, one government (China) and one religion, whatever China’s nasty religion is. If you have no religion, this reset is for you.

After the election was certified last night, the capitol went dark. A perfect indicator of the next 4 years. I don’t like it but I accept it for what it is. Majority rules.

PS. Good riddance Micky.


Awww, this is so cute. :heart_eyes: I wish I could have seen his little face better.

:joy::joy::joy: Look at his face. This dog is angry lol.