biden came home with a list of names
he didn’t believe in transcendence
it’s time for a few small repairs he said
biden came home with a vengeance

my apologies to shawn colvin

you had to have patience
he wrote his name on his pardon request

Trump rejected his request. No pardon for any known rioters.

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omg I think I prefer Springsteen.

You would!

It amazes me how revelant this song is for today. It could have been written yesterday. What I find unusual about it is who posted it and why he would post a song that calls on God, our Father.:thinking:

its a song promoting equality, empathy, unity, peace, anti racism… of course i like it

just because some (wrongfully) think asking your father god for help could achieve this doesnt ruin the message or the song for me

Then where is the love, Genius?

where your god and other illusions are: created in the minds of those that long for it

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It makes you wonder why he was asking the Father where it is. If it’s in the minds of those that long for it, why didn’t he just ask them for it.

why wonder? people do the weirdest things and main reason was probably that it was easier to rhyme with

illusions cant ask but they did ask everyone by singing that song

No they didn’t. They asked the Father.