Americans. lol.

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We train flies, also.

This irritates me a lot. They absolutely have no right to know our personal financial business. We, personally, don’t have anything dishonest to hide but they seem to be searching for anything they can find to use against the American people. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop them. You can reason with them on the phone and as soon as you hang up they slap you with a painfully unaffordable fee. They often make me sick.

Of course they should do that. It’s the best way to catch money launderers and drug dealers.

Shouldn’t our amazing FBI agents be investigation criminal misconduct associated with drugs? I mean, the IRS has not been trained to investigate drug crimes.

So is your argument that the FBI should be spying instead of the IRS? I can go along with that. Someone should be spying, though.

If a 16 year old kid who has never had more than $200 in his account suddenly starts doing $25k transactions, the government should check that out.

Maybe it’s totally innocent in which case the kid should be left alone. Or maybe he’s started dealing fentanyl in which case he should not be left alone.

No! Absolutely not. My argument is that the IRS should let the FBI should be doing their own investigations in stress of pawning their dirty work off on their puppets.

Okay, if you have no problem with random strangers snooping around in your account, I’d like to know what’s in your account, how much your electric bill was last month and how much you spent on toilet paper last week. While you’re at it, I’d like to know what percentage you spent on fees last year and how many non-business business trips you have taken in the last 3 years that you have or plan on deducting from your taxes this year.

You’re out there today, Reg. Shouldn’t that be the child’s parents or guardians responsibility?

Oh, you’re right. Good point. How else will IRS agents get their fix?

I agree, the FBI should be using AI to snoop into your bank account.

Don’t be silly. I have no problem with our criminal law enforcement agencies (not random strangers) using AI to detect anomalies which should be further investigated.

That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard in the last few minutes. Young drug dealers don’t tend to tell their parents about their transactions. Unless their parents are drug dealers, too, in which case I doubt much would be done about it.

Uhhh…I didn’t agree to that.

I’m serious. I won’t tell anyone.

What anomies? AI has not been perfected, yet and can’t be trusted. Liberals have programmed AI to think like a liberal. What if AI only targets one sex or the other for monitoring? What if AI targets cinservatives for an audit? What if AI has been programmed to target a person of color?

What are Americans worst at choosing?

  • Cars
  • Politicians
  • Food choices
  • Guns
  • Sporting events
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Americans make poor food and car choices. No question. I don’t care what sports they watch as all are equally stupid. They’re probably very good at choosing guns, I would guess. They certainly choose a lot of them so they probably know a lot more about guns than I do.

The two current choices for president aren’t just the worst of my lifetime, they are so bad I honestly did not think such a situation was possible given the selection process. One clown, sure. Two clowns? Well, we get to see what emerges now. I am not hopeful. I think Biden will do less damage than Trump and that’s all I dare hope for.

I think the choices are politicians and food. We have done a horrible job of voting in the primary for at least 24 years. I chose food because I can control that. It probably should be politicians, as those have gotten worse, but food choices have gotten better. I still see about 30 cars in line at chick fil-a whenever I drive by. There’s really no excuse for that. Both parties suck, so there really isn’t to vote for. The fact that the dems have 1 guy that has a chance to beat trump and the Republicans are too dumb to vote for Haley. She is too dumb to have bowed out and become VP. So, she’ll probably be forgotten. Despite more food options, the choices are very poor considering how many people are paranoid.

She’s playing the long game. I wouldn’t drop out either, even if she gets crushed in her home state of South Carolina which appears likely. She has lots of money as the anti-trumpers have congregated with her. She actually out-raises Trump for money recently. Her plan is simple: wait for catastrophe to hit Trump and hope he has to withdraw. It’s not a totally stupid plan.

I just hate Haley so much that her beating Trump would be of minimal satisfaction to me.

At this point, she has to stay in.

I wonder if Trump bowed out, if RFK jr would steal his votes. My guess is a lot will never vote for anyone again. At least not until there is another idol like him.

If Trump bows out, Haley probably beats Biden. Shudder.

Is Nikki Haley a vile hag?

  • Yes
  • Yes, she is
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I voted before reading the second choice. lol.

I agree, starting with that stupid soccer game.

You’re probably right about that. Most men in America understand the importance of protection and our right to have it. Thank you for pointing out the good we choose.

I agree with you but probably for different reasons. IMO, it doesn’t matter what you eat. It’s all poison. Even the food that is labeled healthy or good for you isn’t really good. Like…cereal with the heart healthy label. That’s bs. Scan it with Yuka and you will see lots of artificial flavors, dyes and a chemical called Trisodium phosphate which is used as a cleaning agent, builder, lubricant, food additive, stain remover, and degreaser. I suppose in small doses it won’t kill you but if it’s in 1000 different products that you consume on a regular basis, it will probably make you sick.

I didn’t vote because you’re a poll racist.

RFK’s only purpose in this election is to split the Democratic vote. He’s far from an idol but he serves every good purpose of the Republican Party well. You are right, a lot will never vote again because there’s really no point. It’s like Reg said. It’s a selection process and nobody has a real vote, especially with a disgustingly new way for Democrats to steal elections with illegal immigrants and their depraved mail-in voting method.

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