The government has no reason to talk to them. They are criminals. You don’t talk to criminals. You imprison them and from all that I’ve read, Mexican prison is unpleasant and only helps to develop the growth of a criminal mind, much like concentration camps.

My instinct tells me it doesn’t matter.

Well, my intuition says to kill them. I know this makes me sound like a nut and the monster I despise and all the other bad things I criticize in others, but I honestly see no alternative but to kill the drug cartels leaders and their minions. Imprisoning them does not work. They own the prisons in Mexico.

Yes, it does but I think that’s probably normal for someone like you.

Why not? It seems to work for them?

It’s not working at all for them. Mexico has become a lawless hellhole.

Apparently, murder is the preferred method for justice in hellholes.

I’m sure you took into consideration the innocent who might get caught up in the crossfire.

Traitor James Lankford was the lead GOP negotiator who deliberately left out funding for American border protections.

Even the NYT Daily podcast is covering Biden’s mental decline today.

Two ardent Zionists run for George Santos’ seat. Santos was also an ardent Zionist.

That does not even make sense. In fact, it’s completely twisted. Suozza view aligns more with a Republican view and Pilip sounds like Rino.

They’re all Republicans as far as I’m concerned. Suozzi shares little with Democrats even though he is one. Santos and Pilip are RWNJs, too.

He shares enough with Democrats to know he’s a loyal to his party. We would be fools to think the American public could trust him any more than Pilip.

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They are both ardent Zionists who support the genocide in Gaza. I assure you I don’t trust either of them at all.

I agree. No one can. All they did was pass the baton.

I’ve located our Biden Administration military.

We are incredibly thoughtful creatures. We have found a way to run you down without killing you.

She’s wearing her dress backwards and her flag pin upside down.

This sliver of justice won’t help Trump’s case but it does chronicle the unprincipled leadership of our intelligence community.

Viewing it as an investment justifies paying such a high price. Nobody can argue that point. You invest it and it comes back to yo…I mean your congressional representative.