I suppose that’s true. I didn’t see what they did to them. I assume, they were kicked out.

Biden approval down to 37%. I think he was doing well domestically, until about 3 months ago. Still do, sort of. I don’t approve of sending anything more than $0 to Israel. What’s more important than life? It’s unforgivable. Too bad Bernie didn’t win in 2016. He’d still be president.

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Biden is a disgrace and a senile old fool but he’s better than Trump so I desperately hope he wins again. I would quite seriously expect Trump to try to destroy American democracy if he gets elected again.

Yes. I would agree. I’m sure a lot of his cult thinks that’s a good idea.

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Do you think he’s just saying this or do you think he’s nuts? He basically said God talked to him and told him to step up like Moses did.

Nh primary is 3 weeks from tomorrow. I can only vote in the democratic primary, which is a dumb rule. Not that I’d vote for a republican. I guess there are 21 democratic candidates on the ballot. The young turk has been disqualified, because he was not born in the USA.

Last I saw Haley was behind Trump by 4%. South Carolina is pretty early, so she might be out early if that goes poorly for her. She sucks, too.

Nikki Haley is a vile witch from hell who would be as bad as Trump, just more presentable.

I agree. Although, i think his cult would disappear.

It looks like she had a rough few days and didn’t realize slavery was a cause of the civil war. My guess is Trump doesn’t either. Funny what ruins someone. She is hoping Cristie quits. Why doesn’t she?

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Nikki is being stubborn but it’s over. Trump has won. If Trump picks Nikki as VP I think they’ll beat Biden/Harris. Nikki is far more likeable than Kamala. I personally dislike all four people involved, but I dislike Biden and Harris slightly less than I dislike Trump and Haley.

You know things are messed up when there are wars all over the world and children being slaughtered and the top story in the US is about fake pictures of Taylor Swift nude.

Some good news for a change.

Since ISIL lost its hold on Iraq, officials have called for the withdrawal of coalition forces, especially after a US air strike in January 2020 killed Iranian top commander Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis outside Baghdad airport.

This is exactly what concerns me most. The US will kill another terrorist and the Muslim community in America will be like fire :ant: .

That’s pretty stunning. And totally positive.

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As different as Americans are, most of us think China is the bottom of the morality spectrum.

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Morality spectrum? What does that have to do with Mexico importing more goods into America? I mean, do you really think morality plays a part in who imports goods into this country? Because when it comes to morality, Mexico doesn’t rate that high or their people wouldn’t be flooding our border.

Mexico doesn’t have a million Uyghurs in concentration camps. They’ve got a harsh immigration policy. Far harsher than that of the USA. They have gangs that are totally out of control, and a government that wants to talk to them instead of killing them which is unintuitive to me. I really don’t know how to judge it but my instincts tell me that it’s better for the US (and Canada) to deal with Mexico than China.