This is nothing new. Now there will be a shortage of food.

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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….a man like Biden couldn’t beat Trump in a poll if he was the surveyor and the only voter, which begs the question, how many FBI agents did it take to create that poll?
A man like Trump ignores meaningless polls that are deliberately rigged against him, which begs the question, how many FBI agents will it take to defeat Trump in the election?

Michele, almost everyone in the world thinks Trump is a fat orange idiot. It’s no huge surprise that Americans are clueing in.

Yeah, he’s a real modern day Hitler.

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I’m thankful I’m not everyone. He should eat healthier but I don’t care if Trump is orange anymore than I care that you are black and I read somewhere that his IQ was 156. You would have to be an idiot to think someone with an IQ of 156 is idiotic. What is your IQ, Reg?
Here’s what Americans are clueing in to.

I know what you’re thinking, Reg, white-supremacist, black heart. I don’t care. I didn’t expect a prompt reply but I’ve waited all day for you to reply only to realize that you’re not going to reply but I’m not going to let you off the hook that easily. You have called the president, and he really is the president since they stole the election and gave it to a real idiot, an idiot.
What is your I Q, Reg?

You’re right, I wasn’t going to respond, but if you’re really worried about it, the last IQ test I took was about 45 years ago when they still did them in Canadian schools and, while I can’t remember my exact score, it was well into the high hundreds, far above 156. Some guy from Mensa tried to convince me to join but I was more interested in trying to get white girls and they thought Mensa guys were dorks so I didn’t. As it turns out, I didn’t get many white girls and I also didn’t get whatever one gets from Mensa so I lost both ways.

I would guess I’ve lost a few points by now. I learn things more slowly now, and I remember less. Complex ideas take longer to make sense to me than they did when I was young.

BTW, Trump’s IQ is nowhere near 156. That is his claim (without evidence) but a scientific review of his grades and speaking skills suggests he has an IQ of 89, which sounds about right to me. He also won’t release his SAT scores which obviously show him to be the moron that most of us realize he is.

I don’t think they would issue these phones if they weren’t certain there was going to be a cyberattack.

Certain? No. Concerned? Definitely.

They should be more than concerned. They should be certain since it’s already happening.

China is stealing intelligence and Biden is letting him do it.

DeSantis is running. I don’t know why anyone cares. Twitter glitched. Stupid non-story.

There seems to be an issue with U.S. education but this article doesn’t address it.

Texas is ranked 41st in the country in education. Last I heard, Houston had 500 teacher openings.

Like hospitals, schools will have difficulty getting anyone to work in them.

I doubt my wife can teach another 15 years.

That specific school is not a good example, because the senior class had 33 students. I wouldn’t put a lot of money into that school either, but I would say there is a problem and it will probably get worse.

At least, they didn’t just push them through.

This would be a perfect industry for AI.

Definitely for math. Art and language arts or any class where creativity is important is probably good to still have humans, but there would be less racism from teachers if they were AI, so definitely something to consider.

Also, the insane parents would be less scary. Might have fewer shootings.

What about other countries? Do other education systems suffer the same issues we do?

Anecdotally, Canadian kids seem pretty smart.

According to the 2022 US News report, Canada is the 4th best country for education in the world and has consistently featured among the top 5 countries since 2016!