My wife gives me $500 every 2 weeks. Good think it’s not $501.

Actually, that link says $500 and over. Staring at these transfers sounds like a boring job.

I’m becoming increasingly more uncomfortable as I get older at what my country is doing to others and it’s own. What chapter of 1984 are we currently on?

It’s not just the US. They’re just more obnoxious about it. Every country is now spying on its citizens.

This is unusual. Some Asian went postal. It’s usually middle aged white guys.

Interesting. The gun that killed the 10 victims wasn’t an assault rifle. That’s going to open a whole new round of debates about gun control.

Some chinese guy drove from vegas a few months ago to shoot up a bunch of Taiwanese churchgoers in California.

Some brave folks saved a lot of people that day.

The guy just got pulled over ny police and shot himself. He’s dead.

He was 72. Totally weird.

WTH. Some 67 year old Chinese guy in California just killed seven more. These guys didn’t get the memo that old Chinese guys don’t do mass shootings.

The year of the rabbit is off to a blazing start.

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We need assisted suicide. Sad. I feel bad for her.

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Give her a medal and let her go home. The idea of punishing her is insanity.

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The cops feel bad for her. How could you not. She was willing to kill herself to put her husband out of misery. It was probably incredibly difficult to shoot him and she just couldn’t shoot herself.

That is pathetic. She just killed someone. Who knows, she may do it again and you want to let her go? That’s the textbook definition of stupid but I shouldn’t be surprised. You both say a lot of stupid things.

He asked her to kill him. Did you read the article? You can youtube the police officer speaking. You can tell he’s on her side.

You can pay for her trial and jail time.

The article, that I did indeed read (thank you for sharing), stated they made a suicide pact.

You can pay for her sin.

Actually, I want to give her a medal. Then let her go.

Would you have had a problem with her killing him if she had killed herself?