I guess I could ask the same question. How does religious belief discriminate against anyone? For the record, how does being a woman make it right to call anything we want discriminatory if we can’t have it?

yo yo adam!.. here is some weed… it will make you relax

adam falls asleep and his rib is removed from his body and instead of more drugs a woman is presented to him instead…

dude! can i have some more weed instead?

dude says: take the whole plant you may need it since I made her from your rib, in your image.

and thats how you get away with calling half the population lesser beings created as an afterthought…

One less rib doesn’t make you lesser.

Interesting! We had a very similar case in Canada yesterday.

Looks like alex jones has been ordered to pay 49.2 million. That is about a 3rd of the lawsuit. There will probably be more lawsuits and of course the January 6th subpoena.

I tried to google if he could go bankrupt on the judgement but it’s too early and I found no search results which specifically address that.

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I doubt that penalty will break him but a couple more hits on his precious account and he may feel it.