Truth, but sadly they are also today. Putin will not agree to just Donbass, and negotiating until he says yes will do nothing but buy him time to advance into Odessa.

True, but what if they don’t negotiate and agree to move the imaginary line? That’s the real question. Then everyone can’t win and you have to fight.

as long as nato doesnt want to send in troops its a lost cause and will only go on and on until no ukrainian and half of the russian people are left

so you should sweeten the deal… from kyiv down to odessa is a nice straight line, everything to the right is for you putin and rest of ukraine can join nato

easy deal; end of war, no more dead bodies… everyone except the weaponsellers can rejoice

putin dies, you negotiate again about the border…

This only works in Utopia, thinki. Thankfully, the Ukrainians know that fantasy world doesn‘t exist and never will.

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a fantasy is where nato or any other country will send troops to help

an utopia is a world where ukraine can beat russia

if ukrainians want to keep existing in ukraine they really should make a deal with russia because in the unlikely event that nato will send in troops and that russia might lose then putin wont hesitate to blow up all the ukrainian nuclear reactors and/or fire a couple of their nukes

Sending the needed weapons would be enough already, as we can see now.

Those evil Ukrainians just committed a terrorist act.

That’ll piss some people off in Crimea.

I can’t express how impressed I am by the bravery of the Ukrainians. Both for the fighters as well as the civilians who don’t give in to the terrible living conditions after Russia deliberatedly terrorize and kill civilians and civilian infrastructure in order to break the Ukrainian union and their will to resistance.

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Russia just knocked out power in just about all of Ukraine. Nobody’s talking about how they are going to run out of missiles in a few days anymore. That never happened. We need to learn from how wrong our media has been reporting that for the last six months.

I spent a year reading how the Mueller report was going to bring down Trump and then it came and nothing happened. I’ve spent most of this year reading how western sanctions were going to cripple the Russian economy. It hasn’t. The sanctions have hurt, no question, but Russian stores are stocked and people are surviving. I’ve spent the last six months reading that Russia was about to run out of missiles in just a few days. They just wiped out the Ukrainian power grid with missiles I read they didn’t have.

Were they iranian?

According to the report:

Russia has been striking Ukraine with expensive long-range cruise missiles and with cheap Iranian-made drones. Britain’s Defence Ministry said on Wednesday there had been no public reports of Russia using Iranian one-way attack drones since around Nov. 17, which it said was a sign Moscow might be running out of them, and would try to get more.

I’ve been following this Ukrainian woman since the war began. She tells of life there. No power, no internet, strategies to keep food from going bad, and so on. I don’t know how long they can hold out.

Some people are rooting for this because they don’t like the president of the USA.

I thought that, too. After the last 2 weeks I don’t know how they can get back to a stalemate. This might be a domino.

Looks like Zelensky forgot to share all those billions Americans paid with the citizens.

I find that video unconvincing but I admit there are serious concerns about corruption. I’ve read reports that some money sent to Ukraine has been spent on expensive properties in Europe for corrupt officials. I have no idea if that’s true, but the reports are worrying.

It helps if you turn the volume up.

I find your post unconvincing.

If this is true, it might change the war significantly.