Every move he makes will be scrutinized. He has to make everyone happy, give every Republican whatever their demand is or he’s out. That article says “limited” aid. I’m already concerned about the political loophole McCarthy may use.

The US is sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Germany has authorized (and is sending some of its own) Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

Sanctions against Russia have been a total failure. In many ways, they have backfired, with new systems put in place that totally bypass/replace western systems.

Russia isn’t running out of missiles, despite our being told every week for the last year that they were about to.

Putin does not appear to be facing imminent death from cancer or anything else.

This war could last 10 more years.

I just came across this poll on Youtube. People on the street don’t have much will to help.

Too much going on at home for most Americans, honestly, to give a shit about a dispute among Slavs.

As one… My fkn heart breaks. I want no more brother wars, and a Pan-Slavic Union.

Slavs have always disliked each other. I learned that from the Lithuanians.

They’re not Slavs. Neither are Albanians. The want to be us lol

They are Balto-Slavs.

They are not Slavs. They share more similarities with Sámi and Finnish people.

We come from the Pripat/Dneister river plains originally. Regardless… I’ll take Latvians over Lithuanians solely because Latvians play better hockey.

Fair enough. They don’t like to be called Slavs, anyway. It just really struck me how they all really dislike each other “over there”. Lithuanians dislike Latvians who dislike Estonians who dislike everyone. Hungarians dislike Romanians. Bulgarians dislike Ukrainians.

In the west, Canadians and Americans poke at each other a bit but there’s no real dislike that I can see. Same for most of Western Europe.

I’d rather not spend the money on it either. It could be spent on healthcare/education or on nothing.

If I thought ukraine was going to win, I’d be fine with it. I have no hope for them unless someone kills putin.

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To me, this is key. This money is almost certainly wasted.


sending money and weapons to ukraine only prolongs this war and destroys more lives