Putin is going in.

the sky is falling

No worries. In principle, Reg will catch it and then drop it as expected.

Reg won’t do anything at all, aside from enjoying watching this real life drama unfold. I have no power. I am thankful for that as I would likely screw things up if I did.

I see Putin’s side here. I see the Ukraine’s side. I don’t see Nato’s side. They appear to be untrustworthy scumbags (and yes, I know, Canada is a member).

I hope nobody dies, but I doubt that’s achievable.

If you screw it up, it’s only because you refuse to honor your own convictions.

Key word…appear. Harsh judgment for an entity you can’t even be certain about.

2 on 1. That’s not going to be fair for you lol

My convictions? I am convinced that this entire Ukraine issue doesn’t matter at all and that any war will be entirely unnecessary and pointless.

north atlantic treaty organization
ookrayeen borders the atlantic
you can set your clock by it
you can take it to the bank

Go on, both if you can make your parallel point and I’ll be quiet while you do.

I bet you support the war too lol

Nope. I support the Ukrainians letting Donetsk and Luhansk separate.

shame taya isnt here, she would have some interesting things to say lol

fact is that ukraine decided not to be part of nato or euro because they didnt want to be alligned and would do well on their own

looks like they are doing well

They practically already are and with Russia’s assistance, they should be annexed soon.

Yes. They want to be Russian. They are Russian by race, language and culture. Let them be Russian by citizenship.

no they want the benefits from both sides and they are getting it now

Pity our government, in principle, is going to sanction Russia for it but they possess all the power to hurt whomever they choose.

I don’t think so, but let them choose.

John agreed to allow Mary to use proper nouns.
Mary preferred ACRONYMS.
she already had her finger on the shift key
much as i would like to agree in principle

ukraine is a mere koi pond from the atlantic