When Constantinople fell to Ottoman invaders in the 15th century, the Orthodox Church in Moscow asserted itself as the heir apparent for the only remaining “true” Christian church in the world, bringing Orthodox parishes in Ukraine under its complete jurisdiction.

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What makes a church “true” according to Bill?

candles and pews
candles and pews and frock coats

Ukraine just won Eurovision, to nobody’s surprise. They could’ve sent up a kid singing Mary Has A Little Lamb and they would’ve won. I would’ve voted for them. I actually don’t hate their song, either, which is rare for a Eurovision song for me.

Too bad I can’t see what you see. It says, “not available in your country.”

Just do a Youtube search for Kalush Orchestra - Stefania.

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I have to admit, this guy makes a good point.

i get up wondering what the serbian president thinks

what is serbia?

My guts turn when I hear about the principles and respect for territorial integrity. They (the Western countries) ask us to respect someone’s integrity, and what about ours?
The Serbian leader also questioned why, if Russia is really committing terrible crimes in Ukraine, NATO is not bombing it as it did in former Yugoslavia in 1999.

Obviously, Yugoslavia has no territorial integrity.

i think we need to close the sky over the ottoman empire

In a speech about Ukraine, George Bush criticizes the “unjustified and brutal invasion of”…Iraq. lol.

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what you got, punk?

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mybignancy will live forever

Did you like the iraq invasion Bill?

did you read this, nancy?

This could be big.

Proof, Russia went there to de-Nazify Ukraine.


This is a land grab.

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