We can only judge what we see. I only see you stating a fact unless you say it’s only your opinion. Do what ever you want. I don’t care.

Ahhh, it sounds like you’re blaming me for your problem.

This is disturbing me on a whole different level.

I think it’s becoming very clear.

I don’t think I’m imagining things.

if you would open your eyes you would see a lot more

yes thats the main theme of so called peaceful religious people: they only care about their “god”

people not caring and wanting others to suffer for eternity is mainly a personal mental issue but yes its everyones problem when they become violent

it should



it’s like watching a tennis match
between two blind people
with no net
it’s like two people holding tennis rackets

If this is real, the Ukrainians have even more game than I had thought. From what I’m reading, they are preparing to go on the offensive soon. Who would’ve thought that possible a few months ago?

here is some great literature about a civil war

here’s some more

Since some prominent figures published their open letter to Olaf Scholz, where they de facto demanded to not send heavy weapons to the Ukraine in fear to trigger a (possibly nuclear lead) WW3, I feel even more shame for my country than before. And I didn‘t expect that could be even possible. That even Rangar Yogeshwar put his signature on that paper, disappoints me deeply. That a Green Party member, which I totally despised, stood vehemently up to criticize the letter and that the leaders of the Green Party pressured Scholz to increase the military support for the Ukrainians, is turning my world upside down. Shame on AfD and the Linke. Shame on the SPD and everyone who blocks and criticizes military help. The West did sleep so long and let Putin lead already several war’s incl. military forces in Europe for so many years. Me. Included. It wasn‘t on my focus somehow. But I am no politician and I don‘t have the information the governments have. I feel shame and sadness for the civilian and military victims of both sides, as most Russian soldiers don‘t know the truth about what‘s going on. And then those millions of innocent animals! But my heart is especially heavy for the Ukrainians and tonight for the brave remaining soldiers in Mariupol. May a wonder happen your commander wishes for. And if that wonder won’t happen, may the responsible politicians all over the world, at least all die with you as well.

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yeah but there ten things wrong with your english two words in so nobody cares

I should have posted this version as the vocal one, as it is the best I know. I just forgot about it last night and stumbled about it this morning again. I even made a comment on YouTube 5 years ago.

It manages every time to send first goosebumps when the singer get‘s to the passage which ends with „wunderbar“ and the tears start rolling when the drums set in and the brass instruments accompany the light breaking through the opening hands as a symbol for the begin of a new phase and the end of all suffering and even death.

Horrid. The first vocal version you posted was much better. The second one was sappy mist.

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I certainly won‘t fight with anyone over mere music taste, Reggie.

Agreed. You like the second version, I like the first. There is no quarrel here.

yes and i feel equal shame and sadness for all those that call out for more weapons thinking this will end this war quicker…

more weapons dont stop wars, its just fuel on the fire and more dead bodies

oh and to settle the music argument: both those clips were horrible noise to my ears :wink:

fewer weapons lose wars
or am i missing a book i didn’t know about?

can you smell it now?
can you?

there are no winners in wars… only losers

chamberlain is not a source you should cite, except as a counter-example
i have blister on my thumb
can you feel it?
it’s my left thumb
can you feel it now?
can you?

the punk would maintain that there are winners in war
the ones that write the history of that war are the winners
america won a few wars

neville chamberlain
peace in our time
paper wins peace
weapons win wars
and trucks
plenty of trucks

My good friends, this is the second time there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now I recommend you go home, and sleep quietly in your beds.
i’m pretty sure it’s trucks
that and exploding the enemy after they stop exploding you