the french change governments like they change their underwear
every six months
if history is any judge
the punk sure isn’t

Humanly speaking, if he’s breathing, he qualifies.

If you worship the same things, why don’t you spiritually discern the scriptures? Too busy kissing each other’s feet?

urgh, do what you guys want, but please leave me out of all of your disgusting religious weird rituals tyvm

What makes you say that? We worship different things.

Nico worships Free Speech. I have sympathy for that but I think that ship has sailed. I also place limits on it and he doesn’t, which amuses me as it is quite silly.

He worships Pit Bulls. I think they should be sterilized with the goal of wiping out the species.

He worships Pacifism. I support violence where needed. And I support me being the one to decide where it’s needed.

He worships the doctrine of human equality. I think that’s just silly.

He thinks hope is pointless. I think hope is what keeps us alive.

I, on the other hand, worship universal health care, banning smoking (and possibly TV), taxing the rich, social programs for all, AI (which will solve all our problems and then possibly kill us), resilient and scalable high-availability systems, ham radio, and cats.

We are both quite useless and will not be missed for long when we die.

please speak for yourself; i do not “worship” anything or anyone

Sure, Nico.

Free speech is absolute, right?

And it’s always the owner’s fault, right? Never the Pit Bull’s?

And violence is never the right answer, is it?

And everyone is equal, right?

And hope is pointless, right?

You are the most devoutly religious man I know, either in real life or online.

i do not believe in absolutes or things that are always right or wrong; we all have our different ideas and believes
(what is good or right or violent or equal or hope or pointless or free speech to one… )

unlike “religious people” or “worshippers” or those with “blind faith” i question and choose to think about things and never stop doing that

no religious person i know will do that

I forgot to add “lying to yourself” as one of your religions, Nico. You don’t question your own beliefs at all. That’s just a total lie.

It’s always the owner’s fault, isn’t it, Nico? Never the Pit Bull’s fault, correct?

Free speech should always be allowed with no government consequences, right Nico?

Violence is never the right answer, is it, Nico?

Blind faith, thy name is Nico. I know, I know, your name is ThinkingAboutIt, caps intended.

what is a lie to one… is an unhealthy obsession to another

Michele, do you still support Russia’s military action in Ukraine?

What is a disgusting weird ritual to one is a simple chat among users to another. Come down off your high horse, thinkingaboutit. It wasn’t weird and disgusting when you were carelessly throwing your words for the religious around with Reg the other day.

Yes. I believe it’s necessary, like destroying food processing plants.


just sharing my thoughts as always :wink:
here are some more:

i do not ride horses, thats animal abuse

i have no need to be careless because iam not religious nor am i someone that claims to know the one and only truth or try to dictate what others should say or do

Says who?

So only religious people say careless things? That’s haughty but you are certainly entitled to demonstrate haughtiness.

That’s your own close-minded fault. It’s not like you can’t know Him.

That implies I dictate what others should say. Can you support that accusation with facts?

(if you would read what i say you would know, but i gladly will inform you again (and again and again) that all that i say is just my thoughts and opinions)

thats an interpretation but what i meant is that religious people usually have a reason to be more careful since they wouldnt want to upset their “big guy in the sky”

no, i think thats being openminded

obviously i cant know your god

no it implies you try to dictate what others should say or do

of course i can, how many truths and gods are there and what will happen to those that dont believe in your god?

I read it again and I’ll even post it as a reminder to others that you did not offer your opinion but infact attempted to pass off your opinion as a fact and the truth.

“i do not ride horses, thats animal abuse”

Why is that?

Everyone possesses their own personal truth of their lives but there is only one real Truth, only one God and those who reject Him (their Creator) will be separated from Him for all eternity.

That fact has nothing to do with your freedom to say or do what you want but if you can’t cope with the truth, you can always blame everything in your life on it.

lol good for you and here is the whole message again:

oops now it includes my statement that they are just my thoughts lol

it is because your god only exists in your head

yes very good and dont forget that you believe that this absence from your god means to you that those people will suffer for eternity in hell? and that you think this is just and right and the only way and how it should be? :wink:

i dont think its a fact or truth at all (outside your head) but it is your attempt of dictating / blackmailing and threatening others (with what i consider to be your delusions)

Is that your thoughts or are you passing it off as a fact because it reads like a fact.

It’s your choice. Be happy with the choices you make and don’t complain about it.
If you don’t want to be with God, where do you think He should send you upon death?

strange, you asked me a question and i answered
why would you read that as a fact? lol
everything i type is always just my thoughts/opinions…

uhm no, its your choice and i cannot be happy with such violent thoughts since i believe its quite harmful to you and those around you
bringing things in the open/clearing things up is something very different than complaining about it :wink:

imaginary beings can only affect the mind of the person that created them

american soldier
performed by toby keith
written by toby keith covel and chuck cannon
neither one was ever a soldier
america paved the way to the iraqi capital with cluster munitions
you shouldn’t stand in front of an american soldier