UK: muslims fight back on fag-schooling

THATS THE SPIRIT, against fag-indoctrination of children: TOTAL ANTIMARXIST RESISTANCE

Ahh, now I got your reference. I thought you were talking about the muslim mother in the interview on the British newspaper site.

All hail to :heart: :heart: Michelle :heart: :heart:, too!!!
She is American, maybe she even has germanic Hutterite or Anabaptist heritage, as so many Americans do!!
She is a lovely lady, MyBigMoon my confused, politically handicapped friend.

I do consider myself as religious right wing intellectual elite though (I do read b00ks !!!)

Religious right wingers don’t tend to support Muslims, Daniel.

Reg! I know, it is all the Cultural Marxist agenda!! Right wingers and immigrants are supposed to fight each other to put in place global atheist communism over their outbursts and shock display. But I see beyond all their lies!! This is where I abbreviate from 90% of right wingers. But I took the Infowars-red-pill over and over and over.

** I am supercharged with truth. **

Lies cannot take hold in me. Like satanic sin couldn’t find hold in Jahshuah/Jesus!
I am like Polytetrafluoroethylene for Marxist ideology. This is incredible. Like having X-ray eyes to see far beyond the plot…

I am basically Neo, Reg.
Like in the Matrix movie.
I have this mission.
We need to do flyer drives in turkish/ arabic soon…

However, we need to do it smart.
No overblown ego trips.
Also, being a WN Neo, I need to avoid getting fatter.
My belt just bursted writing the last lines…damn, now I am without a trouser belt tomorrow.
Gotta be prepared…maintain fitness…staying focussed on the power levels…

I think you are a fine example of a right winger.


I have to ask Daniel, what happened to T-0? I heard it was…Monday?

I really appreciate it. No irony here. Belt got fixed, too.
But sometimes I got this idea that we have to live up to the best in gods eyes. If we cannot manage a family then fight for people who can like those muslims or christian separatists.
If you support somebody, you kind of live “in them”. Even against their will by e.g. an anonymous donation. I know this sounds weird. I think this might be a form of telegony, but I am not exactly sure.

I hope You soon see the light, too, and surpas this episode of blurred vision, MyBigMoon. Come to the right side of life :wink: We got fun over here though…

Would you elaborate what exactly is T-0? Brexit? If so, nahh forget it. They are into postponing it for at least 3 months. EU and Brit Cuckservatives. Just as I though. Nothing to celebrate yet… sadly enough…

I googled! That’s strange.

T-0, imho, is just another carrot in an empty rabbit hole but it’s consuming people. I thought when you said you were red-pilled that you were following all of it. Anyway, I believe Monday or Tuesday was T minus zero. But afaik, nothing happened. I asked someone to stop traveling down this “rabbit hole” if nothing happened but they declined and said they would follow it to the end. So I googled rabbit hole. Now I wonder where it’s all going because millions of people are in as deep as she is.

Is this a Q Anon thing?

I think so.

That QAnon stuff makes my brain ache.

I know it does. It bothers me too but there must be something to it. It’s hard for me to believe someone would spend almost 2 years giving clues to nothing. I do wonder if T-0 was a hint about the Mueller report being released. It’s my understanding that this Q thing has become a great deal of what Twitter is about or at least it’s a great deal of what people on the right use Twitter for.

Are you following the lawsuit between Devin Nunez and Twitter? It’s my understanding, they are preventing him from answering his own posts. They are apparently infringing on his right to free speech. Twitter is a big company and they can’t get away with that.

This thing remains interesting from a right-wing Eurocentric point of view:
Two of “their” favorite groups continiously clashing against each other:

My thoughts of why this is happening:

  • The elite agenda wants to decomposite Islam as done with Christianity in Europe to form a one-world religion that would quite well fit in to their fascist (fascia = bundle everything: states, economies, currencies, cultures, laws…) globalist agenda to install a world government devoted to Satan exclusively and devoid of all godliness under the rule of “technological man”.
    Unlike with biblical faith however which Europeans left long ago, at least since the so called “Enlightenment” period, they need another agenda for Islam. Analog to the rise and fall of an violent and fundamentalist Anabaptist state in 16th century “Germany” (germanic states) they want to discredit radical following of the teachings of Mohammed (set up an Islamic State and equip it with state of the art military and logistic equipment; then bombing it to the ground) while on the same time trying to make muslims a part of European society by engaging them (“activating them”) in secular pollitical fights as done with school politics in Britain to form their so called “Euro-Islam”, a watered down message of Islam of conservatism but open for immigrants, conveniently manageable by the global elites and their puppets. This creation could then (in their minds) be exported to orthodox muslim countries to make them subject to the NWO agenda as well…

Hopefully this will fail again just like them trying to install Euro-Islam by so called multi-culturalism and “integration” which by large fail to “activate them”/ make them usable tools for the “democratic game”.

Is remains an “interesting culture war” as TR correctly puts it nevertheless. Let’s hope for some thunder in the cities…

New York City has officially recognised 31 different gender identities, they are:

Drag King
Drag Queen
Femme Queen
Gender Bender
Trans Person
Third Sex
Gender Fluid
Non-Binary Transgender
Gender Gifted
Gender Blender
Person of Transgender Experience

gotta love cultural Marxism for the way it exposes itself as such…

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Wow! You are really on it with gays. I don’t mean on “it”. Sorry. Ewww! I didn’t mean to create that visual.

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