Gas attendant rewarded

In a sea of depressing news I found this feel good story. Unfortunately, I was quickly disappointed as I read “Employers Shell agreed to match the donations he was handed, so long as he passes the money on to a charity of his choice.”

So disappointed that I didn’t even bother to finish reading the article.

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Black gas pump attendant who paid for white woman’s…

I mean, as a good old former WHITE nationalist cannot but chuckle about the wording… Headlining RAᛋᛋE in an article in the so called “rainbow nation” in 2019? I think I am having an errection.

ᛋᛋ ACHTUNG ᛋᛋ !

Errrrrrrecccction sooooo hard now!!!

I guess I should have posted the headlines. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The first 3 articles were of rape, suicide and murder, followed by Hollywood bs.

A nice story, despite the weird follow up.

I know, right! You do have some nasty and weird subjects. Clean this place up.

Clean this place up? There’d be nothing left.

Perhaps you could monitor your subjects closer.