I honestly wonder if it wouldn’t be best for your country if he did. That would mean in a few years President Harris could declare a national emergency on school shootings and poverty.


I’m sorry. I mistyped. He will not declare it tonight.


He mostly talked about how awesome he is and how much the Democrats suck. He mentioned how much better the USA is at pretty much everything compared to everyone else. He did not mention health care much. He said border security sucked, except for a part near San Diego. He did not mention where the door would be in his 2000 mile long wall. Kind of the same thing as his Twitter posts.


Stupidest speech for awhile. Not his stupidest ever but very stupid still. He’s stupid, btw.


Looks like Elizabeth Warren lied about being native american. Good. That should ruin her chances of running. She won’t win. She will win her re-election in Mass in 6 years, since nobody here cares if she lied about that.


The best candidates are all minorities. Although, that probably doesn’t help their case. If Biden runs, I’m guessing he will win in a landslide. He should pick Abrams as his running mate. Maybe she could pull him left.


I hope she doesn’t win the Democratic nomination just because in my opinion she is far too much like Hillary and look how well that went.

Edit: I’m surprised Bernie isn’t making more noise. I’m not sure Kamala Harris or Joe Biden are progressive enough to undo the Trump damage.


Her and Gillibrand are the two worst candidates. Like last time. White women, again. Gillibrand is not likable either and should probably run as an independent, if she ran. I’m surprised the DNC would support her. I hope she doesn’t run as an independent. Bernie had the decency to not.

My order of voting now goes…

  1. Booker
  2. Castro
  3. Harris

They would probably all lose.


I’m not sure Harris would lose. Booker has no chance according to the early punditry but neither did Trump in 2014. My big fear is that after 4 years of Trump, a “normal” democrat just won’t cut it. You need radical change to undo the damage. You need someone to look in the camera and say “we need to stop paying for nuclear weapons and start paying for nuclear medicine”.


a black woman from california? Any democrat is going to win california. How many midwest states is she going to win?

We need Beto.

Experience means nothing now. He’s probably the best shot that has a chance and would do something.


She’s not black, she’s Indian, but you might be right. Lots of people voted for someone being called a Kenyan Muslim by the right, though. I don’t know. Really I don’t care as long as it’s not a Republican.


She’s both. Her dad is jamaican. Not sure if he’s still alive.


It looks like in Virginia, the governor is a racist. The lieutenant governor is a rapist. The attorney general is a racist.


Go back far enough and any of us will have something in our past to be ashamed of. ALL of us.


I know my own past doesn’t bear that level of scrutiny so I would never run for office.


I forgot nh has ranked voting system, so I can vote for 3 in the primary.


Warren entered today. Funny to hear people say she should be DQd for lying. Nothing will DQ you after this guy.


Doing my taxes next week. It looks like the middle class is going to pay more this year. I think its hilarious some middle class folks thought the trump tax cuts were going to help them. Hahahahaha.



Interesting. Beto loses to Trump head to head according to this poll. The only one who wins is Biden.