I don’t blame Michele for staying away but I admit I’d love to see her trying to explain away this huge cave in.


I think Michael Bennett could run for president. he’d have a better chance than Harris. Doesn’t seem to like Ted Cruz lol.


Honestly, I might just dislike Cruz more than I dislike Trump.


Yes. I think so too. Ted Cruz is evil. Trump seems really dumb and pretty mean. He might be evil too. Cruz is definitely evil.


Me too.


It’s one thing to be a whore. It’s another to be a BAD whore. Tsk tsk.


If he does run for president, I will always remember the other Michael Bennett. Sealing the game for the Patriots.


Thank you air traffic controllers, flight attendants, federal workers and contract employees for standing up for your rights, holding rallies, organizing, and sharing heartbreaking stories over the past 35 days. You are the reason that the government shutdown finally ended.

Over the next three weeks, let us stand together to make it clear to President Trump that we will not accept another government shutdown. As Sara Nelson, the head of the flight attendants workers recently said: “We can decide to fight for real labor law in this country with the fundamental principle that if you go to work you get paid. And you have the right to strike if you are not given that.”

-Bernie Sanders



Amazing stats, especially if you look at the Republican vs. Democrat numbers.


Ann Coulter :heavy_check_mark: @AnnCoulter

RIDDLE OF THE DAY: How do you break Newt Gingrich’s nose? (ANSWER: Kick Donald Trump in the ass.)



Really hope gillibrand doesn’t win. quite unlikable.


I see Marianne Williamson is running. Remember when you used to need some basic qualifications to even be considered? That seemed to change in the year 2000. W, Obama, and Trump would have all been underqualified in the 90s. The internet certainly changed things, and now you have Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual advisor running for president.


Before Clinton, you had to be able to show a military record to be eligible. I think it’s much better with that convention gone.


In general, I agree. Now you don’t need experience in pretty much anything, though.


Trump will give the state of the union tonight. Let’s see if I can hit the high points.

  • The US faces another government shutdown in a week and a half.

  • The economy is stagnant and may fall into decline.

  • The stock market is stagnant.

  • Manufacturing jobs haven’t come back.

  • The deficit is skyrocketing.

  • The democrats are coming. They’re starting strong, going after his inauguration funding.

  • Mueller is coming.

  • Trump may look to starting a war with Venezuela to distract from his woes.


Looks like he will not declare a national emergency for that medieval wall.


I started a game of thrones pool. Basically, there are about 30 characters left and you have to decide if each one lasts the series. 1 point for each correct answer. If you choose death for the character, you can decide if they become a white Walker, but if you are wrong, you lose a point. There are bonus questions like who becomes hand of the king, who sits on the throne at the end, who kills the night king, a few others. It’s a 1 dollar entry free with prizes. I’m surprised how excited people in the lab are. Who knew choosing death could be so good for morale.


For someone who sees bloodletting all day it’s probably healing.