Trump says climbing Everest will be easier than climbing his wall.


Haha! It will be easier for them to scale his puny wall than for him to hoist his fat ass up the steps into Air Force One.




He’s swinging lefthanded. I wonder if he is a lefty. If someone told him to try righthanded, i doubt he’d listen. He might be swinging the wrong direction and not realize it.


He is now in his 70s and has moved into the morbidly obese range. I guess his doctor says he is in excellent health. “Tremendous” even. I’m not sure how that is possible.


He added an inch to his height to avoid slipping into obesity. He now claims 6’3".


I’m not a doctor but if he’s not obese I don’t know who is.


Bernie’s in.


My decision is suddenly much easier.


I thought you were not for Bernie last time. Change of heart?

EDIT: I would vote for Bernie if I was an American.


I was Bernie all the way.


Didn’t you vote Stein? Or was that only after Bernie dropped out?


In the general. Not the primary.


I have voted like this…

Gore… gore
Dean… kerry
Kucinich. Obama
Sanders… Stein


Ah ok, I understand. I’d vote for Bernie too but I doubt he will be the nominee this time. People are stupid and will choose someone young and pretty.


Both parties are awful at voting in the primaries. Both parties probably picked the worst candidate last time. The dems should vote for him and he should pick abrams as his running mate. I dont think the general would be close unless the starbucks guy ruins something. I agree though. The dems will probably vote soneone that has no chance.

Bernie called Trump a racist. Trump said he likes Bernie because they agree on trade. They agree on one thing lol. And charter schools unfortunately. Its likes anybody is afraid to say anything negative about Bernie.


In 1981, Bernie Sanders became mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He won by 10 votes. 10 votes total. No wonder he is passionate about voter fraud. Makes me think he would pick Abrams if he can beat the other dems. He would be 79, when he is president and possibly become the most influential 80 year old of all time.


Looks like the Mueller report is coming out next week.


I’m trying to think of anything in my lifetime more anticipated than this report. Let it begin. God knows we’re all ready. Everyone on all sides should prepare themselves for disappointment.


Warren just proposed universal child care by taxing the rich.