Bernie would beat him. Biden would but I’d rather he not run. I don’t think he will.


Big if. I like Bernie better than all of them but he’s going to be 80 soon which is pushing things. I’m glad to see Hillary is not making any moves.


Looks like all of them.


Amen to that.


She told me not to message her anymore. Very disappointing.


Were you sexting her?


Ha! you’re a funny guy.


Maybe she would reply if I did.


You should try it. BTW, did you see Pelosi shutting down Trump’s state of the union address? I really grow to like Nancy. lol.


Yes, I love Nancy. He DOES need an invitation to address the House. Maybe he can do it from the YMCA.


This shutdown is going badly for him. His popularity is plummeting and even his base wants him to reopen the government. He can’t do that without looking like an ass, though. It’s unfolding nicely.


Yeah and remember, he said he would own it. Chuck Schumer just smiled and nodded. It WILL reach a boiling point and it won’t be long.


Roger Stone is sitting in jail. Another milestone.


Yay! An early morning raid by the FBI. It 'terrified my wife and dog" Stone said. He was in handcuffs in court.


And now Trump just caved on the shutdown without one cent for the wall. I am loving this.



Good. Shame on his sorry ass.




Caveman wants to do a state of the union next week, but it doesn’t look like Nancy is going to let him. Lol.

Mitch McConnell is 76. Almost 77. I wonder how he feels about being Trump’s bitch. Isn’t there a point in life where you can’t really be pushed around anymore? I’m 39 and I already feel like I couldn’t live being treated like that. I know people do what they have to, but he doesn’t have to take it.


Mitch McConnell is one of the worst whores I have ever seen in politics, and that’s saying something.