Yeah, there’s a thread started on that topic. I figured it would take up some space. I guess tomorrow he’ll declare an emergency or start a new war.

“Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor liberty to purchase power”

  • Benjamin Franklin


It’s now the longest shutdown in US government history.

Edited to add:


Looks like Barr is going to get confirmed. I think Trump is going to regret that choice.


Watched Maddow and O’Donnell tonight. If this is real, Cohen is about to pin a federal crime directly on Trump.


I think he may do it when he addresses congress. I think he is done with being trumps butt-boy.


That part is clear, but while I’m not a lawyer (and not even an American), my understanding is that if this is the case, congress has a constitutional duty to impeach the president for “Hight crimes and misdemeanors”. The wording, which I looked up, is not totally clear but it’s obvious to me that the intention was that, if there is compelling evidence of a “high crime”, congress has an obligation to impeach.


It’s important to note that the evidence of Trump’s stubborning perjury is not just coming from Cohen but includes emails, texts and other witness statements.



Kamala Harris is running for the dems. Should be interesting.


Love it!!! Too bad she wasn’t from Michigan.


Hope O’Rourke runs. Wins primary. Picks Harris as running mate. I’m sure he’d do better around the country.


Interesting comparison. I never thought they were much alike.


They both had an affinity for prostitutes.


Well. There ya go. Lol.


I guess since Michele has left us it’s up to me post pro-Trump propaganda.


I don’t know that she’s left forever. She might be, of course, but I assumed she’s just taking a break. I hope she comes back when Trump gets impeached.



Ocasio Cortez wants to tax individuals who make over 10 million dollars at a 70% marginal rate. Which is lower than Eisenhower’s 91%.


I wonder how many Democrats will run in the primary.


So far there’s Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand. I’m not sure any of them can beat Trump.


There’s a few others, but those are the biggest names. Warren should not win. If the DNC learned anything.