Good thing the maid showed up. Looked like chuck Schumer was about to impale trump with the flag.


Trump’s address starts at 9pm Eastern. I intend to watch it on the net. CNN, MSNBC and Fox all say they’ll broadcast it live online.


Do you think he is going to lie? There are gambling sites and you can bet over unders on his lie total.


Betting he’s going to lie is like betting he’s going to breathe. The problem is guessing how many lies.


My woman just told me to bet that he will start a war to divert attention from his failures. Perhaps an insightful idea, actually.


I hope it’s not with Mexico.


He likes rich Mexicans.


Are you listening to this fearmongering horse excrement?


It’s over. Idiotic speech. Nothing new. Mexicans are rapists and murderers. Yawn.


I missed it. Watching now. Schumer is as bad at tying his tie as I am.


I’m not a huge chuck fan, but hes a pretty good speaker.


It helps that he’s so obviously right.





I think Trump is very tightly wound these days.


Quite seriously, I think he is terrified. He knows what’s coming. We all know what’s coming.



I would like all of the people who voted for Trump to realize they were in fact voting for Putin. The evidence so far is conclusive. There WAS collusion with the Russian intelligence agency and there WAS a concentrated effort by the Russians to get Trump elected. So comrades - dasvidanya until 2020 you fucking traitors.


I watched Lawrence O’Donnell tonight (not on a TV but on YouTube). He broke an incredible story about how Trump sent out a fundraiser letter out just before his stupid TV address which misled recipients into thinking donations went towards building the wall. They didn’t. They went to Trump’s campaign. He’s such a conman.


And now I’m watching Maddow (actually Joy Reid in for Maddow) and they’re reporting that Trump was investigated by the FBI for possibly being in the employ of Russia. lol.