Doesn’t stop his kids from being indicted.


Right. And it doesn’t stop the Donald from being indicted on Jan 20, 2021. I would also note that Nancy Pelosi has stated unequivocally that she believes that Justice Department policy about not indicting sitting presidents is wrong.


Was that what took place at Bush Sr’s funeral? Were they handing out indictments? I noticed Clinton got one as well.

Nancy Pelosi has had more than 30 years to address the law on indicting sitting presidents. How fortunate that she would choose this late date in her career to finally address such a scandalous matter.


I really have no idea what you’re on about. Clinton (neither Hillary nor Bill) has also never been indicted.


I didn’t say they were indicted. I was really just trying to find out what the Bush’s and HRC was handed at the funeral.



Perhaps it was a copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.


No. No, I don’t think so. That would add fraud to Obama’s growing list of charges. No, I’m hoping it’s an indictment.


You just cannot get past Clinton can ya? Lol


No, I can’t but if you would like we can change the subject and discuss Obama’s birth certificate.
If you learned today that he was born in Kenya and that he lied about it to help Islam gain access to our government and classified documents, to help Iran by giving them billions of dollars in cash, without congressional approval, to make deals with Russia for American Uranium (I AM aware the Obama did not directly make that deal, but I am also aware that Clinton approved it as SoS and it happened during Obama’s administration and with his full knowledge) and to run guns to Mexico, how would that make you feel?


It would make me feel like I had stepped through the looking glass in to a dystopian alternate reality created by right wing nut job conspiracy theorists.


And yet, it is the very image the Left has painted of Donald Trump for over 2 years.


Nonsense. This ludicrous and honestly insane theory that Obama “was born in Kenya and that he lied about it to help Islam gain access to our government and classified documents” is, well, ludicrous and insane.

The fact that Donald Trump inherited his money, made nothing (in fact made far less than if he had simply put it all in the S&P), was a shady businessman who didn’t pay his bills, and is guilty of charities fraud, business fraud and numerous other crimes is, well, fact.

That you choose to equate them does not make them equal.


I don’t equate them at all. I find Obama’s treasonous crimes against the American people far greater than any wrong Trump has committed against any, and really, all those contractors combined. The fact that you call it a fact doesn’t make it a fact.
Tell me, what gave Obama the right to give our tax dollars without congressional approval? I hope no one complains if Trump declares a national emergency to build the wall. After all, 5.6 billion is nothing compared to Obama’s 150 billion.


Trumps base. These lunatics are the ones Trump tries to appease. These few, crazy, ignorant fools are pulling Trumps strings to the detriment of the country. They will believe anything.


That they will believe anything is frightening, but that they are willing to change their beliefs hourly with Trump’s is even more frightening.


A friend of mine just sent this to me. One of the best comebacks I have ever seen.



I AM becoming inured to your words but feel you should be instructed about the spiritual dangers of calling anyone fool, Teacher.


I was referring to New Hampshire prioritizing online gambling over voter registration. Would seem their priorities could use some work. The quote had nothing to do with left or right, actually.