Was I away? Lol. I hadn’t noticed. Thanks. Busy I guess. Went to a wedding on new years. Kind of glad to get back to normal life. I’m good with 2 weeks of holidays. Over a month is too long.


You’ve been away since before New Years Eve. A wedding is a perfect way to start 2019 after such a rough 2018. Especially after stocks had their worst December since The Great Depression.
Happy New Year, Dan!


Happy new year!!!

I liked 2018, lol. I bought a house and nobody I know died. One of my better years. Possibly, the best.


I totally agree with that. I am sick of holidays and am happy to have my routine back.

2018 was an ok year for me. Not great but not bad. I have big hopes for 2019.


I can now play the lottery online. Think it is only in new Hampshire and Minnesota. Nh has online gambling, but you can’t register to vote.


Rightly so! I don’t even know how you can draw parallels between them.


Wages in December grew 3.2% YoY, tying October for the highest monthly gain since '09. I don’t really think Trump had anything to do with this. I do have serious doubts that lowering taxes caused a trickle-down effect upon the labor force in America. Well okay, that is compelling to me when I read it back to myself. Perhaps Trump can be blamed for it since it will go down in history that it took place during his administration.


Of course Trump can be blamed for it. He was the architect of the (idiotic) plan, he promised it in his campaign, and he signed it into law. It has cut taxes for billionaires who will now get their third private jet while average people will be forced to pay for his deficits for a generation. They’re called the Trump Tax Cuts for a reason.

Obama ran similar deficits when he inherited a financial crisis in a downward spiral the likes of which had not been seen since the Great Depression. Trump inherited a vibrant economy and has created a financial crisis with mismanagement and incompetence.


So much anger.


Indeed. Hatred, in fact.


What is wrong with online voter registration?

Republicans seem to like living in the 1980s. Time to keep up.


The point is, their priorities are wrong.


I found Bush jr to be dumb and his supporters mean. I find trump to be mean and his supporters, dumb. Trump is probably both, but he is more mean than dumb, to me.


Bush killed a half million and got away with it. Trump has killed nobody but might pay for the crimes he did commit. Bush remains the worst ever in my opinion.


I think so too. I think he made that choice out of stupidity. Of course, if he can sleep at night, he is rotten to the bone. Someone should ask him if he regrets causing so much murder.


Yes, this is probably true. I don’t give him a pass because of his stupidity, though, and I see you don’t either. Lots of people are stupid and they manage to get through life without killing thousands.


My apologies for misleading you. I was referring to him being blamed for the 3.2% wage growth in December.
I absolutely expect him to be blamed for the tax cuts and if he isn’t I will be offended about it.

If Trump inherited a vibrant economy, why haven’t we seen wage growth since 2009?

You have something against the 80’s?
I’m not against online registration. I just don’t think there is a way to vet registrants. And since the Left is attempting to do away with the Electoral College, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they then attempted to create online registration for every person in this country, legal or not.

And the priorities of the Left are right?

I’m not sure why you two are bringing up Bush Jr. I find it fascinating that Bush Sr was indicted for many crimes himself but no one mentions him or his crimes.
Oh that’s right, Clinton came riding in on his white horse and put us in a surplus, saving the day.


I don’t believe he was ever indicted. That said, there’s no truth to the statement that we never mentioned him.


There are videos about his indictment but I’m not going to argue about it. And I didn’t mean to imply that you have never ever mentioned him.


Those videos are wrong. Not only was he never indicted, no sitting president has ever been indicted. Current Justice Department policy is that they can’t be indicted. Trump is hoping that fact keeps him out of jail for the next two years.